10 Benefits of Wearing Wood Watches

10 Benefits of Wearing Wood Watches

In a sea full of smartwatches, be someone who wears a wood watch.

Wood watches have gained some popularity in recent years, and they are slowly taking over the market. Those who prefer to look classy and stay close to nature prefer wood watches over other options. Moreover, a wood watch is a classic blend of technology and nature tied around your wrist most gently. If you are thinking, “why should I wear a wood watch over steel?” there are many reasons for it.

Wood has many benefits when it comes in contact with your skin. In many parts of the world, wood therapy is used to treat cellular disorders and induce relaxation. Since wood is the heart of nature, its contact with the skin has several benefits.

1. Perfect Blend of Fashion and Functionality

Wooden watched are classy and unique. According to Forbes, people who wear traditional watches are more successful. Furthermore, it also shows that you care about the environment and your style is distinct. You can expect people to look at your wooden watch when you walk into an interview, and it’s the best ice-breaker as well.

2. Wooden Watches Are Excellent In Reducing Cellulite

Asia is known for its therapeutic treatments and is home to some of the best wood therapies. Wearing a wristwatch has similar effects and can reduce cellulite levels in the body. Since a wood watch is tied around the wrist, it comes in contact with the entire body’s blood flow, and the beneficial properties of wood are transferred to the skin.

3. Reduces Carbon Footprint

This might come off as a surprising fact, but wooden watches reduce carbon footprint. The amount of chemicals, labor, and machinery used in crafting the best wooden watches is comparatively less than making a steel watch. Moreover, a wood watch also shows that you play your part in saving the environment, and it might seem appealing to most people.

4. Ultimate Durability and Originality

Want a sentimental timepiece to pass to your future generations? You can buy a wooden watch for that. Men’s wooden watches are highly durable and can stand the test of time without showing any signs of weakness. However, steel and plastic watches might look great at first but wear and tear start to show with time. Moreover, every wooden watch is crafted exclusively for you, so there is no room for cheap rip-offs. You will stand out from the crowd with your distinct taste in fashion accessories, and you can expect people to ask you about your watch.

5. Wood Watches Are Affordable

If you want a stylish handcrafted watch without breaking the bank, a wood watch is your best option. Since wood is available in large quantities, it’s easy to source it. Moreover, the labor and work hours required to make a wood watch are lower than steel or smartwatches. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars on a watch similar to everyone, you can buy an affordable wooden watch that helps you stand out from the crowd.

6. Wood Watch Is Free From Allergies

Are you tired of being the only guy in the office without a fancy watch on his wrist? Are you afraid of your metal allergies? Well, a wooden watch can be ideal for you. Wood is a hypoallergenic material, meaning you can’t develop allergies from it. Moreover, a wooden watch won’t leave marks on your skin because of its soft nature.

7. Ages Well With Time

Wood watches are excellent if you are looking to keep a family heirloom. Thanks to the robust properties of wood that make it all the more attractive over time, you can buy a wooden watch and feel free to let it age. As wood ages, its color becomes more rustic and gives off an amazing look. Keeping it close to your wrist adds a beautiful smell to your body, and the rustic feel makes you look more masculine.

8. Wooden Watches Are Rare

The opportunity to wear something rare that adds a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe is difficult to find. A wooden watch is often considered a rare item because it hasn’t become mainstream yet. So, if you are looking to show off your exquisite taste in accessories and make fans of your style wherever you go, a wooden watch is your best bet.

9. Wooden Watches Don’t Harm Trees

If you love nature, you are probably more driven to protect it than wear it on your wrist. But wooden watches don’t harm trees; instead, they are made from wood recycled from the waste left after crafting furniture. Due to this reason, wooden watches are affordable and amazing for the environment.

10. A Chemical-Free Alternative

Most watches use different chemicals to preserve their product’s life. A stainless steel watch is treated with multiple showers of different chemicals to create a shiny surface. Moreover, other industrialized materials are used to prevent steel watches from corrosion. Thankfully, wooden watchmakers let their items age with sophistication because they become more desirable with time. Therefore, wooden watches don’t use chemicals or any other material that might damage your skin.

Wooden watches are perfect for every occasion, and they can match any suit you wear. These watches are independent of your dress since they have their spark. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a wood watch for yourself or your loved one, you should check out Stuniii and our collection of amazing wooden watches. You will surely be surprised with their massive collection of some of the best wooden watches money can buy. Moreover, you will get a 30-day refund policy. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Stuniii’s wooden watches now!

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