7 Different Types of Watch Dials

7 Different Types of Watch Dials

Watches are exquisite accessories that define their wearer’s personality and characteristics. Just like how a personality is made of many traits, a wristwatch has different types of watch dials. If you are interested to learn about various watch dials, then you are in the right place. This article will guide you on the unique dials that shape the personality of your watch, and you will find one that resonates with yours.

While the world of wristwatches is alluring as it is complicated, you will be astonished to learn that there are watches made from wood as well. These are precise timepieces that demonstrate their mysterious personality and their wearer’s excellent taste in fashion. You can find an immense collection of wood watches at Stuniii, and you will be pleased to learn that all of them are handcrafted and offered at affordable rates.

The California dial was made back in the 1930s when the wristwatches were newly introduced to the market. Initially, wristwatches were designed for soldiers to keep track of time; however, stylish elements were added to these timepieces to attract other buyers. The California dial is a visually stunning combination between Roman numerals and standard numbers. It's best suited for those who have a mysterious personality, and it garners attention faster than any other watch you might have resting on your wrist.

The co-signed dial is an iconic piece of art and a symbol of prestige and fame. Its wearers are those who harbor a strong personality. The co-signed dial is easily recognizable as it focuses on inscription. While most dials inscribe a brand name, the co-signed dial has the retailer's name embedded as well. These dual inscriptions represent a luxury brand and its luxury retailer. The co-signed dial is an excellent choice for those who want to flaunt their fortune and wear wristwatches to exhibit their social status.

The crosshair dial was famous in the mid-century and was usually worn with a dress shirt or a suit. Though it's a vintage-style dial rarely seen on wristwatches, it makes it all the more appealing. The crosshair dial is for those who have a mature and serious personality. You will find this watch on people from the baby-boomer generation; however, this doesn't mean it’s out of fashion. The crosshair dial is still found in some wristwatches, and the market has intentionally reduced its use to make it rare and suited for people with remarkable taste in wristwatches.

Enamel dials are exclusive and hard to make. Only a skilled designer can create enamel dials because it’s made from delicate materials hard to shape. Enamel is a type of soft glass composed of silica, red lead, and soda. It requires temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celcius (2192 Fahrenheit) to liquefy and bond with metal. Its manufacturing process is so complicated that most designer brands tend to stay away from this exceptional piece of art. Enamel dials are true luxury dials, and only expensive and masterful watchmakers work with, making it the best choice for thriving individuals, masters of their field.

Gilt is a dial synonymous with Rolex. It's a top-of-the-line luxury dial made to sit on a Rolex watch to enhance its radiance. The gilt dial is derived from the gilt technique, which uses a thin gold plate to cover the openings. An example of an exquisite watch with a gilt dial is Rolex Submariner 1954 edition. Needless to say, this watch is best suited for personalities that are unique and precious. If you think you can afford a gilt dial watch, you should definitely buy one.

Guilloche dials have engraved repetitive patterns on them. Initially, these dials were handmade, and the designs were made with a manually operated machine. However, with technological innovation, the masterful technique of making consistent patterns got lost in time. Now, these dials are made with automated machines; however, they still retain their uniqueness. If you have a hardworking personality and enjoy rare things, this watch is perfect for you.

Meteorite dials are simply out of the world. Quite literally, these dials are made from meteorites that have landed on earth, making this exhilarating watch dial out of this world. These watch dials are made from thin slices of polished meteorite. Often, a meteorite dial will be present in a triple calendar watch and Invicta watches. This is the most expensive dial you can find on a wristwatch, and it alone might cost you more than some wristwatches.

At this point, you must have a deeper appreciation of wristwatch dials and the effort watchmakers put into their designs. Some dials are extremely challenging to make, and only masterful craftsmen engage in creating such rare beauties. However, wristwatches that harness these dials are costly and not in the affordability range of everyone.

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