7 Must-Have Men's Accessories for Formal Events

7 Must-Have Men's Accessories for Formal Events - STUNIII

When planning a formal attire for different occasions, such as a wedding, corporate party, or banquet, looking neat, clean, and dapper is key. This ensures that you honor the invitation and arrive well-prepared to engage with the festivities. However, there’s more to formal wear than picking the right suit and shirt. You also need to jazz your wardrobe with some must-have men’s accessories for formal events to level up and stand out among the guests.

Even the smallest of additions to your repertoire of accessories can transform your overall appearance without making you look too ostentatious. If you're new to formal events and don't know where to start, keep reading as we share seven must-have formal wear accessories for men in this post.

7 Must-Have Formal Wear Accessories for Men

1. Ties and Bow Ties

No matter how much you try to deny it, no man's suit is complete without a tie. It is among the most versatile men's fashion accessories available. You can choose from several colors, patterns, and fabrics to match any suit and shirt or formal occasion. However, you need to ensure you choose the right tie for your overall look, so it doesn't look odd.

For instance, if you regularly attend formal business events, you should ideally opt for more sensible and less patterned ties. However, for parties and weddings, feel free to be as creative as you like. Depending on the occasion and your relationship with the hosts, you can opt for silk ties during winter or even swap a regular tie for a skinny one.

If you’re wearing a tuxedo or formal suit, you should consider opting for a bow tie. This unique accessory is the simplest way to complete a formal attire without overdoing it. Bow ties provide a classy feel with a sophisticated, modern look, which shows how seriously you take the event and the pride you take in how you dress.

Whether you opt for a tie or bow tie, people will respect you for it as long as you wear it to the right occasion. For instance, if you’re headed to a corporate event, we recommend wearing a tie instead of a bow tie.

2.  A Wristwatch

Wristwatches are perhaps the only men’s fashion accessory that remains a staple in modern wardrobes, and for good reasons. Dress watches with leather or metal straps are primary indicators of good taste and class. Due to an abundance of options in different qualities and price points in the market, anyone can easily find a timepiece that goes perfectly with their chosen outfit for a formal occasion.

People who attend formal events frequently like to spruce their wardrobes with a watch collection to compliment different outfits and accessories.

3.  A Lapel Pin

Lapel pins and boutonnieres are quite popular these days, especially those made with silk, metal, or mesh. These unique accessories are great for expressing solidarity with an event’s celebrants. For instance, guests can use them for color coordination with the event or distinguish themselves from others.

Lapel pins, especially when worn as a group, can convey companionship and love, so people usually wear them at weddings. Similarly, individuals can convey their character and creativity while elevating their outfits.

4.  A Pocket Square or Handkerchief

Pocket squares or handkerchiefs are other classic accessories that go exceptionally well with suits to further compliment your outfit or the occasion’s theme or dress code. The great thing about these teams is that there are endless combination possibilities in terms of material, pattern, color, or fold you can choose from.

You can match them with your tie or bow tie. If you're not wearing one, you can match them with your shirt. Moreover, you can experiment with different shapes or wooden alternatives to tweak your style now and then.

5.  Cufflinks

Cufflinks are among the most overlooked fashion accessories, especially among the Generation Z population, who are mainly accustomed to casual dress codes. The essential purpose of cufflinks is to add some bling to your shirt if and when you take your take off your coat at an event. You can find hundreds of options, from conventional shapes like circular pegs to more adventurous, themed designs made to attract a younger audience.

Simply put, the sky's the limit with these popular men's accessories for formal events. You can find them in multiple colors and designs and enhance the colors of your outfit with ease.

6.  Tie Clips

Tie clips offer function with a side of fashion. They're used to keep your tie in place, which is incredibly important when attending formal events. The last thing you want is to have your tie fall into dinner or a drink and lead to embarrassment in front of your peers or strangers. So, if you'd like to save yourself from this, you can opt for this simple accessory, especially if you're headed to a formal business event.

As far as fashion goes, tie clips add an extra finishing touch to suits while adding character, charm, and style to your attire.

7.  Dress Socks

Most people think socks don’t make too much of a difference since you can’t see them. However, when it comes to formal wear, socks are just as visible as any other part of your attire. Therefore, you need to ensure you carefully select a pair that compliments your overall outfit. For strictly formal events, stick to basic, unpatterned designs, preferably matching your shirt or pant.

Bottom Line

So, there you have it – 7 must-have men’s accessories for formal events. With this information, you can head to the closest store or favorite shopping site and upgrade your wardrobe with the items you don’t have. With an option for every taste and budget, be ready to splash your cash and head to any event in style.

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