7 Reasons to Buy a Wooden Watch

7 Reasons to Buy a Wooden Watch
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A wood watch is an excellent accessory that can make you look unique and fashionable. The lingering aroma of a wood watch is soothing, plus its unique build quality can make its wearer look mysterious. Wood watches are a timeless accessory because they age gracefully. In an era of smartphones, wristwatches might have taken the backseat, but wood watches are growing in popularity. If you are interested in buying a wood watch, you are probably eager to learn why 

this timepiece is so in demand. That’s why, in this article, we have shared seven reasons to buy a wood watch that you never knew. So, keep reading to learn more. 

7 Reasons to Buy a Wooden Watch

Many wristwatches are expensive because they are unique and have their own qualities. However, none of them come close to an eccentric wood watch. The watch’s fine wooden finish adds a touch of gracefulness on top of marvelous engineering.

1. Most Unique and Stylish 

Wood watches are special in their way. Their excellent build quality and fine craftsmanship make them different from conventional steel watches. Moreover, wooden watches can attract bystanders to wonder what you are wearing. These watches can start a conversion in a pub or help you find a life partner. Furthermore, wooden watches are crafted exclusively, meaning you can make them your own by embedding your name. These watches not only look fabulous but can also be a wonderful gift.

2. Can Be a Memorable Gift 

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones, you will be surprised to know that wood watches can be an excellent gift. Mostly, wristwatches are given on auspicious occasions like marriage or anniversaries. If you want to make your loved one feel special, you can gift a wood watch. The added benefit of gifting a wood watch is that these timepieces age gracefully, making them all the more appealing over time.

3. Wood Watches Are Eco-Friendly 

Wood watches are one of the best watches for men because they are eco-friendly. All the material used in manufacturing a wood watch is from scrap material, meaning you will be saving the environment with your purchase. On top of this, wood watches are very comfortable because they don’t have plastic straps. Premium quality wood used in making these hand watches is resistant to scratches and perfect for long-term use.

4. Wood Watches Are Hypoallergenic 

Many people are allergic to different types of metals. When these people unknowingly wear a complete metal watch, they endure different allergic reactions. When you are wearing a timepiece, you are never concerned about how it will affect your skin; this is because it’s unusual to think about the adverse effects of metal allergy. However, many people are allergic to various metal forms, which becomes an obstacle in their fashion sense. Wood waters are hypoallergenic. With a wood watch, you can comfortably flaunt your fashion sense without the fear of an allergic reaction.

5. Ultimate Fusion of Wood and Steel 

 Wood watches are undoubtedly the best wristwatch for men because they are a perfect blend of wood and steel. You get the best of both worlds with a wood watch, from its lustrous aroma to the premium feel of high-quality steel. Plus, wood watches that are combined with steel are a suitable accessory for casual and formal events. Moreover, the blend of steel and wood increases your watch’s durability making it more appealing, unique, and robust at the same time.

6. Wood Watches Are Distinct 

If you are tired of wearing redundant steel watches with almost the same shape and design, you must be looking for something new. Most people aren’t a fan of smartwatches because they are too complicated and need to be charged. A wood watch is not only distinct from other watches, but it’s also more durable. Besides, if you want to keep your skin safe from harmful chemicals, you might want to steer away from conventional wristwatches. 

Conventional wristwatches are coated in harmful chemicals your skin can absorb. Wearing a wood watch keeps you safe from harmful chemicals and prevents any skin disease. On top of this, some varieties of wood are excellent for the skin, so wearing a one-of-a-kind wood watch not only enhances your style but your health as well.

7. Wood Watches Can Be a Family Heirloom 

Looking to save something for your grandchildren? You don’t have to buy anything expensive and store it in a locker. You can buy a wood watch and wear it instead of storing it in one place. The main reason for buying a wood watch is because they age gracefully over time. Some wood watches look more beautiful with time because the wood used to make them matures with you. These wood watches can be an excellent family heirloom, and you can gift them to your grandchildren. On top of this, the wood watch market is rapidly growing in popularity, so you can even sell yours for a much higher price than you bought it because your wood watch will become vintage over time.

Ending Note

There are several reasons to buy a wood watch, but the best reason is to look glamorous and unique. While everyone has a boring steel watch, you can steal the show with your unique combination of wood and steel. Moreover, wooden wristwatches are hypoallergic, and you can keep them as a family heirloom. 

So if you are looking for a wooden wristwatch with a robust build quality, check out Stuniii’s collection of wood watches. If you are a fan of steel watches, you will love our collection because we have an ultimate fusion of steel and wood watches for you.

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