8 Best Luxury Watches for 2021

8 Best Luxury Watches for 2021

The industry term for watches is horology. Wristwatches have transitioned from mere time-telling tools to family heirlooms and a style accessory. In some cases, it becomes an integral part of the wearer’s signature look, carrying characteristics the wearer wants to exude about their personality. Many people buy wristwatches because of their exquisite designs. Due to all these reasons, we have listed down the best luxury wristwatches for 2021 you can buy to flaunt your fashion sense. So without further delay, let’s look at the best luxury watches for 2021.

When the tech industry decided to enter the wristwatch category with wearables, people assumed that luxury watches would become redundant. However, the best wristwatches for men are as exquisite as ever and always pushing in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Established in the mid-1800s, this luxury wristwatch brand has dominated the market with its superior designs and comfortable straps. This stellar timepiece is the embodiment of technology with large mechanical movements developed in-house for perfection. The case of this breathtaking wristwatch is designed with platinum and gold, while the face retains irresistible appeal and aesthetics. Swiss wristwatches might take the lion’s share of attention and demand in the world of horology. However, the brand Lange and Sohne represents the height of German craftsmanship and engineering and holds its own in the market.

Nothing captures the beauty within simplicity like the Icon by Stuniii. This remarkable wristwatch can steal the show with its beautiful construction, lingering natural aroma, and gorgeous wooden design. Stuniii’s wooden wristwatches are all made from premium quality wood and metal to provide a unique look and sturdiness. The Icon is a sophisticated, modern, and elegant timepiece that ranks among the most exquisite wristwatches but can be purchased at a staggeringly affordable price.

The wristwatch is made from Ebony Rosewood with a 35mm glass face and has a case thickness of 12mm. The Icon is comparatively lighter than most wristwatches because of its wooden structure, but it’s no less than the most expensive wristwatches mentioned in this list.

One of the prime wristwatches of its time that’s still keeping up with the best luxury wristwatches is the Arnold and Son brand established by the legendary British watchmaker John Arnold.

John Arnold was credited for releasing the first “official” timepiece of extreme accuracy, A.K.A the Chronometer. Though the company had seen a few rough days after John Arnold’s passing, the brand never lost its essence and delivered striking luxury watches like the White Ensign and the HM Perpetual Moon. The brand offers some of the best luxury watches, and its fans are ready to spend thousands of dollars on them.

Another wood watch from Stuniii’s marvelous collection is The Preme. This wood watch is on our list for various reasons —its Eco-friendly design, distinct look, and relatively reasonable price tag. While most luxury watches embed precious jewelry to increase their prices, The Preme is an all-natural wood watch made from recycled wood. Moreover, this wood watch has a mesmerizing natural aroma and its beautiful dial will leave most people awestruck. The Preme requires no battery and comes with Dual Wheel Automatic Self-Winding technology. Finally, this wood watch is splash and rain-resistant, with 47 jewel bearing and 21,600 BPH frequencies.

Launched in 1992, Bell and Ross has been known for its ridiculously captivating designs. One of the reasons for this brand’s ongoing success is its mastery of niche-specific marketing. Yes! Bell & Ross caters to divers. However, their wristwatches can be worn by anyone. Bell & Ross watches are waterproof for 1000 ft, making this watch suitable for deep-sea diving as well.

With over 200 years of experience and well over 80 patents, Girard Perregaux is the Godfather of luxury wristwatches. The brand’s history is cluttered with remarkable achievements, and modern watchmaking companies can learn a few things from this titan and pioneer in the luxury watch industry. The brand’s distinct design and 100% genuine leather are enough to star-struck anyone with good taste in luxury wristwatches. Moreover, this luxury brand’s dial is glittered with precious gemstones to enhance its already lustrous and radiant aesthetics.

While most luxury wristwatch companies are laser-focused on bedazzling their products, HYT is reaching new heights with their novel approach. The brand created a wristwatch that uses a radiant fluid to tell time. This remarkable achievement shrugs all smartwatch companies to the sidelines as HYT perfectly combines technology with traditional design.

Switzerland is the home to some of the most iconic wristwatches in the world. Among the best luxury watch brands, IWC Schaffhausen is an international watchmaking company founded by an American in 1868. IWC Schaffhausen is known for quality and technical prowess, and its pilot and titanium dive watches are the choice of legends.

Wristwatches have become an accessory that reflects its wearer’s social status. Moreover, these beautiful timepieces help their owners demonstrate their personal style. If you are looking to buy a wristwatch that’s both distinct-looking and pocket-friendly, go for Stuniii’s wood watches. They have an excellent collection of wood watches and offer a 30-day return policy. Moreover, Stuniii’s wood watches age gracefully and can be passed on. Most people prefer to customize their wood watches by embossing their initials or full name.

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