8 Types of Wood Used in Making Wooden Watches

8 Types of Wood Used in Making Wooden Watches

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” – Ian Fleming

A hand-crafters dream is to work with high-quality raw materials that are flexible, durable, and simply beautiful to work with. The hardwood used in making exquisite wooden watches is carefully selected to create perfect wooden watches that lay comfortably on the wearers’ wrist. Wooden watches help you keep up with your busy schedule while honoring nature and human ingenuity.

We will even go as far as saying that wooden watches do more than show time; they are remarkable pieces of art that can help you make an eco-friendly fashion statement.

Wood comes in different tints and types, giving the wearer endless options to explore their fashion sense. In this blog post, we will shed light on the unique types of wood used in creating a balance between nature and technology and help you become a fashion inspiration to those around you.

American cherry wood is known for its durability and natural color that radiates a moderate luster. The varieties of color for this type of wood are endless. Its shades start from a light pinkish-tone and darken into a rich reddish-brown color. A single board of cherry wood harnesses various colors that enable a craftsman to embrace its unique characteristic and create phenomenal wooden wristwatches.

A flawless blend of dark chocolate-like color in the center and light brown color on the edges is walnut wood’s main characteristic. It makes the wood ideal for creating wooden wristwatches for men. It is praised by woodworkers for its strength, and it polishes into a very smooth finish that makes it gentle to touch. Wearing an aromatic wooden wristwatch that represents colors, sensations, and smells will bring you a lot of attention from other people. Can you handle it?

Maple wood is incredibly strong, looks exquisite, and ages gracefully. Its smooth grains, unique color, and strength have made it a popular choice among woodworkers. Most quintessential designs are made from maple wood, and its bright colors are an excellent choice in making joyful timepieces.

The maple wood tends to have a white hue with mineral streaks, pitch flex, and a reddish-brown tint. Though its colors begin to darken with exposure to oxygen and sunlight, the seamless change from a joyful color to a serious dark look represents the wearer’s maturity and how much they have grown with their wooden wristwatch.

The Cumaru wood comes from Dipteryx Odorata Tree. Its colors vary from a golden tan to reddish-brown, and it ages beautifully with time. Unlike most exotic varieties, the Cumaru wood will undergo slight color changes and darken faintly over time because of sunlight and oxygen. It’s a perfect accessory for those who value their purchase and tend to keep them for the future. You can use your Cumaru wooden wristwatch as a family heirloom, and the wood will maintain its composure throughout generations.

The teak wood is sourced from the tropics. This wood has always been a prized material because of its radiant red color that darkens into a smooth reddish-brown. It’s on the more expensive side of wood wristwatches for men. Still, it’s a time-less purchase to add to your collection.

The high oil content, extraordinary tensile strength, and tight grain make this wood variety particularly suitable for harsh weather conditions, and you can enjoy this timepiece throughout your adventures. A meticulously crafted teak wood wristwatch gives a leather-like aroma that adds to the luxury of this wooden wristwatch, and you can flaunt your lavish purchase in public.

African Padauk's strength, durability, unique color, and mesmerizing aroma make it a popular choice among woodworkers. A wristwatch crafted with this elegant wood creates a flawless design that’s impeccable and ages gracefully. Its color varies from a tainted gold to brownish-red, with brown as a dominant shade. The wood’s colors luster in the sun. It also absorbs vitamin D, making it a healthy and eco-friendly fashion choice for outdoor events.

Amaranth wood is also known as the Purple Heart because of its inconceivable tones. This exotic tree originates from South America and has an amazing visual appeal and strength. A skillful craftsman knows how to play with this wood’s shades and capture its maximum glow while maintaining the wood’s strength and durability. Amaranth wood has an exotic visual appeal, and it is quite an experience to see this fascinating color lying on your wrist.

The Zebrano wood or the Zebrawood is widely known for its dark brown color with black stripes representing the patterns of a zebra. It’s highly unlikely not to fall in love with this elegant piece of wood and admire its fine grains. The heartwood is creamy with black stripes and quite distinct from sapwood with very pale shade and a narrow streak of dark brown to black.

This type of wood truly represents the diverse colors and patterns of nature, and there is no better way to showcase the beauty of the Zebra Wood besides shaping it into a wooden wristwatch.

A quintessential wooden wristwatch is designed from the finest quality wood that can last you a lifetime. Each wooden wristwatch has its unique properties and eccentric aroma that ties your outfit together. If you are looking for an extravagant timepiece at affordable prices, check out Stuniii’s wooden wristwatch collection. Made from the finest wood from all over the world, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

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