9 Reasons For You To Start Wearing a Stainless Steel Wood Watch

9 Reasons For You To Start Wearing a Stainless Steel Wood Watch - STUNIII

Many fashion accessories and pieces are now made out of wood because of their durability and unique look. The fashion world has jumped on the bandwagon of wooden accessories, and you can find bracelets, purses, and even wood watches.

In recent years, wood has been combined with other materials such as stainless steel and platinum. Brands like Stuniii are creating spectacular stainless steel wood watches that are not only environment-friendly but fashionable as well.

In this blog post, we will take you through the many reasons that will compel you into wearing a stainless steel wood watch. So keep reading till the end to learn how stainless steel wood watches can spruce your wardrobe.

Why You Should Start Wearing Stainless Steel Wood Watches

Stainless steel watches are everywhere, but stainless steel wood watches are sure to grab attention. Take a look at all the reasons to wear stainless steel wood watches.

1. They Are Unique

Right off the bat, you can tell that stainless steel wood watches are unique and attention-grabbing. Walk into a bar or an interview with a stainless steel wood watch wrapped around your wrist, and you'll surely garner attention. Stainless steel wood watches are also solar-powered, meaning you don't have to change their batteries, saving you from "running out of time."

2. They Care About The Environment

Wood absorbs carbon in the air, the number one cause of climate change. When wood is used to make accessories or furniture, carbon is locked in its cells away from the environment. Wearing a stainless steel wood watch will remove carbon from the air around you as wood retains its natural function even in other forms.

Moreover, stainless steel wood watches are made from leftover wood by furniture manufacturers that is either thrown in the sea or burned. In a way, you are saving the environment and marine life.

3. Wood Is Simply Cool

There are plenty of wristwatches made from platinum, gold, and even diamond, but a stainless steel wood watch steals the show with its pocket-friendly price and completely unique design. The aesthetic appeal of wood is unrivaled as it ages gracefully and has a distinct aroma. This might feel slightly biased as we manufacture stainless steel wood watches, but wood is the fashion industry's future, slowly marking its domain.

4. Wood Emits Less Carbon Dioxide

Since the biggest climate issue is carbon emission, we need to prevent it. The manufacturing process of raw materials like plastic, nylon and other materials releases a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the air. This harms the ozone layer protecting our planet from the sun's violet ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, wood is an excellent resource that doesn't emit much carbon dioxide.

As a result, using wood products reduces your carbon footprint. You might wonder if chopping down trees affects the climate on a bigger scale, but this isn't true with stainless steel wood watch manufacturers for several reasons.

Firstly, stainless steel wood watches are made from leftover wood by furniture manufacturers. Secondly, companies that use wood to manufacture watches try their best to maintain the ratio between trees that are cut down to planted trees.

Blue Steel Wood Watch by Stuniii

5. Stainless Steel Wood Watches Are Great For Gifting

If you are looking for something special to gift your friends or family members, a stainless steel wood watch is your best choice. These watches are durable, sustainable, and last longer than conventional watches. Many people keep stainless steel wood watches as family heirlooms, so this watch is an excellent wedding present. Moreover, you can request your stainless steel wood watch engraved with anything you desire. That'll make your gift more personalized and appealing.

6. Stainless Steel Wood Watches Are Durable and Heat Resistant

If you work long hours under the sun, you need a watch that's heat resistant. Otherwise, your wrist will have red marks because of hot steel wrapped around it. Wood can absorb heat, which gets trapped inside and doesn't come out. The stainless steel part of your watch might get a nit hot, but the wood surrounding it would absorb the heat.

7. Wood is Renewable

Wood is the only raw material that's renewable. This means that its production is in our hands. For every tree cut down, companies try their best to plant more. As they cut more trees, the ones they planted reach adulthood. Therefore, we might never run out of wood if we plan its production carefully.

8. Stainless Steel Wood Watches are Hypo-Allergic

Some people are allergic to metals such as zinc and bronze. They don't know until they wear such watches and end up with a hefty bill in the hospital. Stainless steel wood watches are hypo-allergic, meaning they don't have any material or chemical that might cause an allergic reaction. These watches are safe to wear, and you don't have to worry about anything.

9. These Watches Have a Pleasant Psychological Effect

Stainless steel wood watches induce the same feeling as being surrounded by nature. Wood has natural properties that soothe your mind and blood flow. Some religions value wood and consider sacred trees to have spiritual powers. Wearing a stainless steel wood watch is considered healthy for the mind and the body.

Make That Eco-friendly Fashion Statement With Stuniii

Wearing a stainless steel wood watch is more than physical and mental benefits. These watches are a style statement with durability and unique design. Stainless steel wood watches are solar-powered, so you don't have to change the batteries. Plus, these watches require very little maintenance making your travel to the repair shop very limited. If you are looking for a stainless steel wood watch, you can check out Stuniii.

Stuniii is one of the leading designers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in our designs. If you are interested in buying stainless steel wood watches, you can browse our collection. We are also launching our premium collection of platinum wood watches, so you might want to sign up and stay up to date with us! 


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