Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Smartphones

Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Smartphones

Why wear a wristwatch when you can check the time on your smartphone? Most people assume wristwatches are only worn to tell time, but that’s not all they do. Watches have transitioned from time-telling accessories to a reflection of your personality. However, there are still people who believe a smartphone is better than a wristwatch, and it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

While a smartphone may serve various purposes over telling time, it’s not a substitute for your wristwatch. Here is why.

Luxury watches for men have dominated the wristwatch industry, and they have become more than a timepiece. Wristwatches are a part of your fashion, and they add a unique touch to your outfit. Just like a wood watch that complements your attire with its magnificent natural aroma – something you won’t find in a smartphone.

A smartphone can do many things, and that’s the problem. If you dig into your mobile device to check the time, you might end up doing other activities. Moreover, pulling out your smartphone every time you want to check time might distract other people. While wearing a wristwatch not only makes you look mature, it also serves a singular purpose and keeps you on track.

According to ChannelProNetwork, 70 million smartphones are lost each year. This not only translates into a loss of millions of dollars, but it’s also the main reason for data theft. Your smartphone carries your entire life, from your contact list to your credit card. Losing this precious information just because you pulled out your smartphone to check time can be daunting. On the other hand, wristwatches are firmly tied to your wrist, and you don’t fear losing them so easily.

While only a flagship smartphone might have the option of IP68 water resistance, a wristwatch is mostly waterproof. Despite the huge price difference between a waterproof smartphone, wristwatches are a better option. Moreover, a smartphone is not entirely waterproof, so you can risk water damage if your device is submerged for too long.

If you think spending a $1,000 on a smartphone will yield a profit over time, think again. While a smartphone depreciates in value, wristwatches gain value over time. Most wristwatches are sold for over $3 million as they become discontinued or vintage. Wooden watches are an excellent example because they appreciate in value thanks to their originality and uniqueness.

Buying an over-expense smartphone and watching it wear and tear over time can be daunting for some people. For a $1,000, you might expect your device to be free from scratches, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. At the same time, a wood watch ages gracefully over time and looks even better. Thanks to wood’s aging properties, each wooden watch has its unique aroma that becomes stronger as it ages. Moreover, a wood watch is significantly cheaper than any mid to high-range smartphone.

It’s true, and you can glance at your wristwatch and admire its artistic design without paying any monthly fee. It’s a one-time investment that will stick with you for the rest of your life. On the other hand, a smartphone comes with the expense of a protector, monthly payment, mobile credit, and other accessories you might want to include. All of these features make a smartphone more expensive than its selling price.

If you are young and want to impress others, you might be inclined to buying a smartphone but hold on. Impressing others might seem easy with a smartphone, but it isn’t. Contrary to popular belief, a smartphone doesn’t make one look appealing. It shows you made an investment that you cannot benefit from and might come off as spoiled. Wearing a wristwatch can make you look mature because people admire a classic wristwatch over an expensive smartphone. Moreover, a wristwatch also shows that you make good investments and value time.

Those who adore craftsmanship love buying an expensive wristwatch over a flagship phone. The sheer amount of passion put in handcrafting a wristwatch is immeasurable, and no smartphone can ever replace that. A wristwatch is also a sneak peek inside your personality and a great conversation starter. Instead of pulling out your smartphone to see the time, a flick of the wrist would impress more people than a flagship phone would.

Smartphones may be more agile in fulfilling all of your tasks at the touch of a button, but they don’t have much life. On the other hand, a wood watch ages gracefully, and you can pass it along as a family heirloom. Wood watches can also be given as gifts on special occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

A smartphone is an excellent device that can help you stay connected to your friends and family. However, it’s not a replacement for a classic wristwatch. Moreover, a wood watch is an original timepiece, and you can engrave your initials on it to make it exclusive. Instead of digging into your cell phone and finding yourself occupied with other tasks, wear a wood wristwatch to leave a lasting impression.

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