Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches Any Good?

Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches Any Good?
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 A lot of times people wonder what watch they should buy? The most obvious answer to that question is going for an expensive brand, but most people can’t afford a Rolex or Tagg Huer. These watches are made from high-quality material and have a significant brand name. But most bystanders won’t notice the brand of your wristwatch until you tell them. So, a lavish wristwatch won’t capture the attention you are looking for.

However, wearing something unique made from distinct material can help you stand out from the crowd. A prime example of distinct wrist watches is the stainless steel wood watch. These watches are made from the fusion of wood and steel, combining nature and technology on your wrist. However, are stainless steel wood watches any good? – That’s a question we will answer below. So, keep reading if you are interested in a stainless steel wood watch but unsure about

Are Stainless Steel Watches Durable?

An average consumer wants a wristwatch that can last at least 4 to 6 years. But due to high temperature and rough climate, a conventional wristwatch might show signs of aging. The stunning combination of wood and steel makes a perfect wristwatch that goes well with every outfit and survives the passage of time.

A common stainless steel wood watch has the same internal mechanism as a conventional wristwatch. The only difference is the outer case and wristband, partly made from wood and mostly steel. 

You will rarely find a stainless steel wood watch with wooden internal components. The reason behind using metallic inner parts is so these watches can easily be repaired. But what are the true benefits of buying a stainless steel wood watch?

1. Wood is Hypo-allergenic 

Wood used in manufacturing stainless steel wood watches comes from nature. However, one of the biggest advantages of wearing a stainless steel wood watch is its hypo-allergenic property. People who are allergic to certain metals can comfortably wear a stainless steel wood watch because wood doesn’t cause any allergies and nor does stainless steel.

2. Stainless Steel Wood Watches Are Less Sensitive to Heat 

No matter what material encases your wristwatch, it won’t be as heat resistant as wood. This is because wood is naturally not a good conductor of heat. So if your job requires standing under the hot sun for long hours, you might need a new watch after 2 years. However, a stainless steel wood watch is less prone to high temperatures prolonging your watch’s life. Plus, stainless steel wood watches age gracefully and can be used as a family heirloom. So, you can expect your wristwatch to last more than a decade.

3. Every Design is Distinct 

Unlike conventional wristwatches, stainless steel wood watches aren’t mass-produced. Therefore, every design is unique and appealing. However, the users of conventional stainless steel watches don’t have that luxury. Perhaps that is why stainless steel wood watches are gaining traction in the wristwatch industry. Moreover, stainless steel wood watches come in a gorgeous wooden box, adding less plastic to the oceans around the world. So, besides buying a unique, customized wristwatch, you will be playing your part in keeping the ocean clean.


what makes wood watches so unique?


 Different Types of Wood and Their Benefits

Stainless Steel wood watch manufacturers use different types of wood to design beautiful timepieces. The wood used in manufacturing stainless steel wood watches has unique properties that make them different.

1. Maple Wood 

Known for its durability, texture, and fine color, Maple wood is the prime choice for making sturdy wristwatches. Mostly, hard or sugar Maple wood is used for making stainless steel wood watches. The unique creamy color complimented with a grainy texture makes Maple wood a popular choice among wood watchmakers and fashion flexibility.

2. Teak 

Teak wood is naturally water-resistant because of the high oil content present within the teak bark. It’s prized for its rarity, rich color, and durability. Teak wood is naturally resistant to decay when it touches metal, making it the perfect material for making stainless steel wood watches. On the other hand, this amazing wood has a natural aroma and soft feel.

3. Walnut 

Walnut is the finest quality of wood used in making stainless steel wood watches. It has a grainy texture, dark brown color, and a mesmerizing aroma. This wood is used in making luxury stainless steel wood watches that are affordable. Moreover, walnut is the hardest wood, and when combined with steel, it becomes more durable, scratch-resistant, and water-proof (to an extent)

Is Stuniii a Reliable Stainless Steel Wood Watchmaker?

Wearing a stainless steel wood watch will take the load off your wrist. Stainless steel wood watches are lightweight, durable, and aesthetically appealing. If you are thinking about spending money on a premium brand, you should stop and reconsider.

At Stuniii, we love what we do and put our heart and soul into every stainless steel wood watch we make. Our watches are highly durable, age gracefully with time, and lightweight. We highlighted the problem of heavy and bulky premium wristwatches and added wood to preserve the rarity and luxury of your wristwatch at pocket-friendly prices. 

Stuniii has a diverse and unique range of stainless steel wood watches with the best of both worlds. Plus, Stuniii is ready to launch its premium platinum wood watch collection to take the wristwatch market by storm. Check out Stuniii’s collection of stunning stainless steel wood watches now and order yours!


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