Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches Comfortable to Wear?

Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches Comfortable to Wear?
“Everyone looks at your watch, and it represents who you are, your values and your personality” – Kobe Bryant
Now, more people than ever are trying to change their lifestyle by changing the things around them. Style is one of the ways we express our individuality, and it changes the way we feel 

around people and in a social gathering. Wearing the right clothes to an event has become more important than being on time. One of the things that saw a major revamp is the wristwatch industry. 

Instead of wearing conventional watches made from stainless steel, people are reducing their carbon footprint by wearing environment-friendly stainless steel wood watches. These watches have changed the way we use to dress. In addition, stainless steel wood watches have also revitalized the way men feel about wearing a wristwatch. 

In this blog post, we will share everything you need to know about stainless steel wood watches and answer the most frequently asked question, “Are stainless steel wood watches comfortable?” So, keep reading to learn more.

What are Stainless Steel Wood Watches?

Previously, wristwatches were made from metal and other premium materials like gold or diamond. However, these watches weren’t easy to afford. Therefore, wood watches were launched. Wood watches were made from scrap material, making them light and soft compared to stainless steel. However, wood absorbs water, and this became a problem. 

Soon, stainless steel watches were introduced, changing the way people looked at men’s fashion accessories. Stainless steel wood watches are made with wood and steel, and they are not treated with harmful chemicals. Moreover, stainless steel wood watches solved the problem of soaking water because these watches have more steel than wood. This led to the humble beginning of the stainless steel wood watch era. As these watches became popular, people started asking whether stainless steel watches are comfortable to wear.

Are Stainless Steel Watches Comfortable to Wear?

Wearing a stainless steel wood watch might seem like a crazy idea at first, but there are many more advantages of wearing these watches than you would know. Here is a list of reasons that will explain why stainless steel wood watches are comfortable to wear.

1. Stainless Steel Wood Watches are Lightweight 

Given the build quality of these watches, it will be hard for you to know that these watches are lighter than your conventional wristwatch without wearing them. However, stainless steel watches are quite comfortable and lightweight since they are party made from wood, a material that’s lighter than steel. 

Although stainless steel wood watches are heavier than traditional wood watches, they are more durable and comfortable. Many people have bought stainless steel wood watches over the past few years because of their increased awareness of how manufacturing impacts the environment. This awareness about ecology and climate change has made a huge impact on people’s purchase decisions.


beautiful wrist watch on a black background

2. Natural and Unique 

Every stainless steel wood watch is natural and unique as you can get these watches engraved with your name. Moreover, since wood is a material found in nature, it acts as a symbol of authenticity. The addition of stainless steel in these magnificent watches has improved their durability, feel, and comfort!

3. Increase In Value 

The wood used in making stainless steel wood watches is harvested from different parts of the world and is not your average wood. Stuniii uses scrap wood which is dumped in the sea by a furniture manufacturer. Therefore, you are saving the planet one watch at a time. Moreover, stainless steel wood watches’ value will increase over time. Just like an antique wood furniture piece, your stainless steel wood watch will age gracefully with time and look more beautiful.  Hence, their monetary value will increase with time, and you can sell them at a significant profit later.

4. Wood is Warm 

Unlike ordinary wristwatches, wood has healing and other properties. Wood is naturally warm, so it can help you stay cozy during winter. Wood has a richer feeling when it comes in contact with your skin, and the wearer feels more pleasant. Combine it with stainless steel, and you have a stunning timepiece that looks and feels different but fits in with conventional wristwatches. 

Another reason for stainless steel watches being more comfortable is the natural warmth of wood and its temperature resistance. While a conventional wood watch is susceptible to extreme temperatures, a stainless steel wood watch is less prone to extreme temperatures because of steel. Metal can quickly get warm, and it absorbs most of the heat from the wood. Therefore, a stainless steel wood watch has more life than an ordinary wood watch.

Ending Note

Stainless steel wood watches are an innovation in the wristwatch industry led by Stuniii. These watches are carefully made piece by piece to ensure breathtaking details and manufacturing levels. Stuniii is also set to launch its premium platinum wood watch series, so make sure you stay updated with our content by signing up at our home page. Plus, Stuniii has a large collection of solar wood watches that are more eco-friendly than other options. 

If you care about the environment and don’t want to leave your carbon footprint on the planet, switch to stainless steel wood watches now!

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