Best Casual Watches for Men

Best Casual Watches for Men
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A casual wristwatch pairs excellently with your casual attire. Whether you are going out with your friends or on a date, a casual wristwatch can add more character and depth to your personality. Wristwatches are known for their personality-altering features. 

Many people will draw conclusions about you based on what wristwatch you are wearing.

So get ready for some compliments because we are sharing our list of best casual wristwatches for men. This list has a few old wristwatches that might not be available, but you can easily buy one from a pawnshop. If you are looking for a guide on buying a wristwatch from a pawnshop, we have written a blog post on it. With that said, let's explore the best casual wristwatches for men. We have a surprise entry, in the end, so keep reading.

What is a Casual Wristwatch?

Every watch makes a statement and ties your outfit together. Your entire look might feel missing if you don't wear a wristwatch. That's where casual wristwatches come in to save you from the fashion police. In general, casual wristwatches have a leather or a rubber strap with a circular dial but aren't limited to these materials. They are made to be worn with a casual outfit and aren't the best choice for a wedding or a formal event. Wearing a casual wristwatch at an interview might give mixed signals to your interviewer. So make sure you wear the right watch for the right occasion.

5 Best Casual Wristwatches for Men

Astounding, astonishing, and appealing, these are all the words one might use when they see you wearing a casual watch with fitted jeans and a checked shirt. But to carry a distinct look and appeal, you need to check out our list of best casual wristwatches for men.

1.  G-Shock GD350-1C

Made to impress and last longer than your favorite jeans, the G-Shock GD350-1C doesn't disappoint. It comes in black color, and it's mostly worn by Eminem – the king of casual dressing. This wristwatch has a history, and it's often worn over casual clothes. When you are going on a date or just going to the mall, the G-Shock GD350-1C is your best friend. Digital time, waterproof, and a comfortable rubber strap compliment this wristwatch and make it the best casual wristwatch for men. We don't know about you, but G-shock has a significant market share.

2. Audemar's Piguet 

Royal Oak, Salmon dial, and titanium bracelet, this wristwatch is designed to wear casual attire. The Audemars Piguet is popular in Japan. So much so that it is only found in far eastern markets. The Piguet is a Japanese masterpiece with unique color. The Salmon pink in the dial is not to be confused with rose gold as this color has a unique look under the sun. Wear it on a peach shirt tucked in black trousers, and you will turn heads at a bar or a social event. This wristwatch is perfect for a beach look. It's lightweight with a comfortable strap. You can wear this wristwatch all day and won't feel a thing.

3.  Aquaracer Professional 300 Nightdiver

If batman had a casual wristwatch, it would be Aquaracer Professional 300 Nightdiver. This watch is phenomenal with all black from bracelet to dial and even the watch numbers. Everything inside the watch is illuminated, from the watch's hands to clock numbers. If you are thinking about pulling the dark knight casual with all black, this wristwatch will add more flair and darkness to your character. Although this gorgeous watch by Tag huer comes in three colors, our pick is the black one because it's breath-taking.

4. Rolex Submariner

Hands down, the most popular wristwatch series in the world is the Submariners by Rolex. All the models of this wristwatch are carefully designed to perfection, and none of them have ever failed their customers. The submariner comes in a beautiful green color that makes it a perfect wear for casual clothes. Those who prefer wearing dark shades can enhance their attire with this wristwatch and its friendly colors. If you are looking to impress your blind date, wear this wristwatch with dark attire. The subtle green color of the submariners can be an ice breaker allowing you to engage in a conversation with your date.

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5. Mystery Watch: Solaris Blue X1

Speaking of all things black, how can we forget the Solaris Blue X1 by Stuniii. This marvelous piece of craftsmanship is a fusion between technology and nature. The Solaris is a solar wristwatch made from stainless steel and wood. It has a royal blue stainless steel bracelet with black sandalwood adding more elegance to this wristwatch. The Solaris X1 is an all-rounder wristwatch that you can wear on formal and casual events. Perhaps this versatile trait of this wristwatch makes it the best casual and formal watch. Pulling up at your high school reunion or a wedding with this wristwatch will leave everyone starstruck. The best part, this wristwatch is highly affordable compared to all the other brands we have mentioned.

Final Verdict

The wristwatch industry is constantly thriving with new watches every year. However, some wristwatches remain forever constant, like the role Submariner and Solaris X1. However, the Tag Huer Aquaracer nightdiver is also a timeless classic. Every wristwatch makes a statement it is up to your how you carry your wristwatch. Compliment your outfit with a fitting wristwatch, and you'll turn heads where ever you go. The best watches have a style statement; mix them with yours, and you'll rock every occasion. 

If you are looking for a unique wristwatch, like the Solaris X1, you should check out Stuniii. Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.


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