Best Dress Watches for Men

Best Dress Watches for Men
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In the words of the fashion legend Coco Channel, "Simplicity is the key to true elegance," we are presenting some of the finest dress watches money can buy. A masterpiece of elegance, grace, and functionality, a dress watch is designed to slide below your cuff perfectly. Its esthetics are classic and timeless, with minimum clutter and all the right features. 

The best dress watches complete your outfit. They add the ultimate touch of elegance and style to your overall attire. Think more like a wingman or a supporting actor to the main lead. Don't worry; your wristwatch won't hog all the spotlight, and your fine dress sense will look above and beyond. 

However, to achieve that extravagant look, you need to wear the right dress watch. In this blog post, we will share some of the best dress watches for men. So keep reading to know which dress watch will suit your style.

The Best Dress Watches For Men 

What makes an exceptional wristwatch is elusive because different people have different style statements. Whether you are pulling a straightforward polo with trousers or a full formal dress code, we have the perfect wristwatch listed below to match your rhythm.

1. The Nordgreen Native 

Plain, simple, and straightforward, that's how Scandinavian wristwatches roll. The up-and-coming Danish wristwatch brand Nordgreen hired one of the best wristwatch designers in the world Jakob Wagner as its Chief Designer for Nordgreen Native. Jakob worked his magic, and Nordgreen Native became the most successful dress watch for the Scandinavian brand. 

The watch is available in 32, 36, and 40mm, and you can conveniently find your dial size. The Nordgreen Native is also available in different dial colors, materials, and strap combinations. You can easily carry this watch on your wrist as it's almost weightless. It looks perfect on a black suit as its brown leather illuminates and uplifts the colors of your outfit. The Nordgreen Native won't hog all the spotlight, but it'll surely turn heads as your walk through a crowd of bystanders. 

The best thing about the Nordgreen Native is that it can easily be updated to match your outfit. You can purchase a bundle pack with different straps. Plus, Nordgreen's outstanding NATO strap looks stunning on any formal outfit.

2. The SolarX1 Rose Gold

Distinct, elusive, and mysterious, the Solar X1 Rose Gold watch by Stuniii has been the talk of the town. It's an affordable alternative compared to other wristwatches mentioned on this list. If you are tired of wearing leather, steel, and titanium, you can upgrade your taste and style with the Solar X1 Rose Gold. This watch is made from stainless steel and walnut wood. 

While a stainless steel wood watch might be the last thing you thought about when you started dressing up today, it certainly won't be the least. It's an outstanding watch with solar cells, which means no need to go hunting for batteries.

The X1 Rose Gold is eco-friendly made from scrap wood that would have been thrown in the river. The stainless steel is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Plus, the wood ages gracefully with time and changes its color. It's like a watch that'll grow old with you. Perhaps one of the finest choices for men who prefer luxury and elegance.



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3. Junghans Meister Handaufzug 

Junghans is a German brand that is gaining popularity in the US for its elegant and straightforward design. This wristwatch is the epitome of minimalism with little to no complications. The watch follows through the conventional design of no numbers. The only complication you'll find in the dial is a sub-dial for more accurate time-telling. After all, your timepiece needs to be flawless and should overflow with perfection. This watch is a perfect fit for formal events such as interviews, family gatherings, the best man at a wedding, even an excellent wedding gift for the groom. 

The watch features a manual watch movement which requires winding. Anyone who appreciates getting intimate with their wristwatch won't mind winding the dial. But if you are not the type to pull out your wristwatch from underneath your Zara men's suit to wind it, then don't worry. The Meister Handaufzug has a power reserve of 42 hours, meaning you won't have to pull out your watch during a formal event to wind it. 

The Meister Handaufzug has a soft leather belt that sits comfortably on the wrist to seal the deal. You won't have to adjust your wristwatch because it's itchy. After all, you are paying a premium, and comfort should follow luxury. The watch comes in a sturdy case that provides convenience, elegance, a de-cluttered design, and soft leather. Hard-wearing PVD-Coated stainless steel with scratch-resistant Plexiglass lens makes the casing of this watch somewhat more appealing than the watch itself. After all, German's know how to deliver luxury and pleasure in one package. Overall, the Meister Handaufzug is the best dress watch for wearing a suit, a polo shirt, or a dress shirt.

Final Thoughts

A timepiece is more than just a time-telling device. It's an extension of your personality that completes your outfits and adds a touch of character and depth to them. Expect your dress watch to be an ice breaker and turn heads at a bar or during an interview because you are wearing the finest accessories ever made. Besides uplifting your personality, adding a spark to your outfit, and leaving a lasting impression, wristwatches signify maturity. If you are looking for a wristwatch that will be awe-struck and strike a bold statement, you can check out Stuniii.

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.


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