Can I Clean My Stainless Steel Wood Watch With Alcohol?

Can I Clean My Stainless Steel Wood Watch With Alcohol?
how do you clean a stainless steel watch?

Stainless steel wood watches are a close part of our reality, and we can’t
imagine living without them. From telling time to striking an impression, wristwatches can do everything. However, the reap the maximum benefits of your wristwatch, you need to keep it neat and clean.

While cleaning a conventional wristwatch is a piece of cake, the going gets tricky when dealing with stainless steel wood watches. This is because we have extra material in the blend – wood. 

Most of you know that wood is sensitive to water, and it may swell if too much liquid is applied. So, how do you clean a stainless steel wood watch? – Glad you asked! 

In this blog post, we will share our tried and tested tips and tricks for cleaning stainless steel wood watches with alcohol. So, keep reading to learn more.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Wood Watch – The Basics

 Cleaning is fun, and when it’s spring, it’s all the more exciting. You might pull out your aging old stainless steel wood watch, turns out it’s dirty. You want to clean it but don’t know how to. Well, that’s where we come in.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Wood Watch With Alcohol

We all have a bottle of brandy or whisky lying around for special occasions. However, using them on your stainless steel wood watch might seem risky. Here is everything you need to know before you get started.

Denature Alcohol Cleaning

Denature alcohol is very close to high concentration consumable alcohol. However, the ethanol levels are adjusted just enough, so you can’t and shouldn’t drink it. However, ethanol plays an essential role in cleaning mold and mildew from wooden furniture, and your stainless steel wood watch is susceptible to mold and mildew. The green or black spots on your stainless steel wood watch is probably mold growing. 

Take a few drops of denatured alcohol and rub it on a piece of clean white cloth. Rub the cloth on your stainless steel wood watch to clean all the dirt and mildew. Don’t pour alcohol on your watch directly, as this will harm the beautiful wood finish on your watch. 

Don’t dunk your stainless steel wood watch in alcohol, either; this is because the concentration of ethanol is too high for your wood watch to withstand. When you pour alcohol on a clean white cloth, you dilute the mixture just enough to not damage your wood watch. 

Also, try to avoid cleaning your stainless steel wood watch directly under the sun with denatured alcohol. This is because denatured alcohol is highly flammable, and you don’t want your stainless steel wood watch to catch fire. The exciting benefit of cleaning your stainless steel wood watch with alcohol is that the steel part will shine like brand new. Plus, the wooden area will feel like it has been repainted.

 Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is commonly referred to as rubbing alcohol. Like, denature alcohol it is effective in removing grease stains and other dirt particles from wood. It can also remove gum and glue from your stainless steel wood watch, making it a perfect cleaning liquid for your watch. However, it is toxic and should be kept away from children.


when to clean my wristwatch



The good thing about isopropyl alcohol is that it is not strong enough to remove wood finishes so you don’t have to worry about ruining your stainless steel wood watch. However, it’s best to dilute isopropyl alcohol with 2 parts of water before you start cleaning your watch. 

Raw isopropyl alcohol won’t damage your watch’s wooden part. Still, it’s best to dilute the isopropyl alcohol because its toxic effects might have adverse effects on your skin. Plus, if you have a pet around the house, dilute isopropyl alcohol before rubbing it on your watch. Pets tend to chew on things, and the toxic effects of isopropyl effects can be deadly for animals.

Don’t Use Raw Denatured Alcohol or Tequilla

 The biggest drawback of highly concentrated alcohol is that it’s too strong for wood. Furniture manufacturers use raw denatured alcohol to remove finishes from the wood. Plus, they sometimes use denatured alcohol to remove paint from the wood.

Cleaning your watch with high concentration alcohol could ruin the wooden texture and leave scratch marks on the stainless steel. It’s best to dilute denatured alcohol heavily. Plus, you should never clean your stainless steel wood watch with tequila because it has the highest alcohol concentration. 

Remember that high alcohol levels mean high ethanol, which can be drastic for delicate equipment like wood. Plus, you should avoid using high concentration alcohol for cleaning purposes because it is tough to determine which material will survive the high concentration of ethanol and which won’t.

Final Verdict

Keeping your stainless steel wood watch squeaky clean and shiny is a hobby for most people. These individuals tend to prolong the life of their purchase and wear a clean watch rather than a dirty one. However, your longing for a clean and shiny watch could cause skin allergies or adverse damages to your purchase. Following the above guide can help you clean your stainless steel wood watch with alcohol and minimize its adverse effects. 

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