Choosing a Watch For The Women In Your Life

Choosing a Watch For The Women In Your Life - STUNIII

If she is miss independent with no time to talk, maybe she needs to wrap time on her wrist. Buying a wristwatch for women is not easy. From watch style to watch material and even watch movement, you can't be sure whether your gift will please her. So if she is stepping it up with the men in her office and is a boss lady, you need to buy her a watch worth her time. Here are all the things you must consider when buying a women's wristwatch.

Things to Consider When Gifting Her a Wristwatch

Nowadays, wristwatches are an essential part of our reality. They help us stay on top of things and serve as a style statement. For most women, wearing a wristwatch is more than just having time on their wrist. That's why choosing a wristwatch for your lady can be a fight between fashion and features.

Watch Material

Whether you're buying a men's or women's watch, watch material is on everyone's list. After all, there are too many options to choose from, which can be overwhelming and confusing. Nevertheless, premium materials like stainless steel, wood, titanium, and platinum can last for a lifetime. But choosing one out of these options can be difficult if you don't know about their properties. Here is a look at each watch material in detail.


A gift from mother nature, wood is a premium quality material that is durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It has psychological and health benefits, plus it ages gracefully. Marks and dents on a wooden watch are barely visible. In addition, wood has a distinct aroma. Despite its physical and spiritual benefits, wood is a rare material that looks breath-taking when worn as a wristwatch. It's a perfect material for women's watches because it's breathable and hypoallergic.

Stainless Steel

The most common material but doesn't go well with her delicate wrist. After all, stainless steel is heavy and might be frustrating to carry around additional weight. But this material is very durable and robust.

Stainless Steel Wood

A combination of nature and modern technology, stainless steel wood watches harness the natural benefits of wood and cut down the weight of whole stainless steel watches by half. It's a durable, breathable, scratch-resistant material found in very few watches. Stainless steel wood is an exceptional material rarer than wood watches.


Durable, shiny, and lightweight, titanium is an excellent choice for her. But it's on the luxury side of the wristwatch spectrum. If you have the money to spend we won't hold you back, as this material has little to no disadvantages. In addition, titanium is water-resistant and used in making diver watches. So if she likes swimming, she'll live titanium on her wrist.


Heavier than titanium platinum is a choice of women of luxury. If she likes expensive goodies, she'll love this material wrapped on her wrist. Platinum wristwatches also serve as jewelry pieces because they have bracelet properties and tell time. Platinum is being used with wood to create platinum wood watches to cut back on the weight of platinum. But before platinum wood watches are introduced, you can buy her a luxury platinum watch.

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Consider Her Style

Now that you have picked your favorite material, it's time to find a timepiece that compliments her style. Think about her favorite color, the type of dressing she does, and where she goes to the most. This will help you create her persona, which will guide you to her style. If she mainly attends corporate events, she might want something decent and not over-the-top. But if she is into marketing and has to attend international and national events, you should get her something that speaks luxury.

Watch Size

Watch sizes play a critical role for both genders. After all, you don't want her to wear something too small or too big on her hands. The ideal watch size for women is between 22 and 34. However, there are female wristwatches as big as 60mm. Plus, some women like wearing large watches. But if she attends formal events, you shouldn't get a watch as big as 60mm. Stick to the ideal size and get it replaced if the watch is disproportional with her wrist.


Design is the most critical aspect of choosing a watch for your woman. This is because she'll probably wear her watch as a fashion accessory. It's safe to go with a minimalistic design and light dial colors like pink or peach. Wristwatches for women are pretty straightforward when it comes to watch dial designs. So stick with a watch that doesn't share too much information and retains an elegant look. After all, she is graceful, and so should be her watch.

Something Special

Buying a gift for your lady means it should be unique and not something her friends would have. Most men struggle at this point, but you can always find something special with wristwatches. Stainless steel wood watches are a good touch of uniqueness and customization. You can engrave her name on the watch box, making her gift more personalized and exclusive; this will add that touch of uniqueness she is looking for.

The Bottom Line

Choosing between different materials, styles, and sizes can be overwhelming for most men. But if she is important to you, you'll put in the effort. Nevertheless, our list of features to consider when buying a watch for your girl might have made things a bit easier for you. However, you might have trouble finding her an exceptional wristwatch, but we have you covered. You can find a cast collection of stainless steel wood watches at Stuniii that are both attractive and durable, perfect for your significant other.

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