Different Kinds of Watch Material

Different Kinds of Watch Material

Stainless steel wood watches Which material wristwatch is best for me Different Kinds of Watch Material


Wristwatch material is the main aspect to look at when buying your first watch. But it’s not easy to decide as there are several choices available. On the other hand, look and functionality are also important factors when buying a wristwatch. This brings us to the topic at hand: 

answering, “which material wristwatch is best for me?

In this blog post, we will export different watch materials and highlight their plus point. Moreover, we will also discover which wristwatch material is best for your body and mind. So, keep reading to learn more.


Different Kinds of Wristwatch Materials

Watches are made of different materials depending on the model and brand. You may not think that it makes much of a difference. Still, watch materials determine the longevity of a wristwatch. Here are all the materials used in manufacturing wristwatches.


1. Stainless Steel

The most common material used in making wristwatches is stainless steel. It’s a refined form of iron upgraded to resist scratch and damage. Stainless steel is immune from wear and tear, prolonging the life of your wristwatch. Moreover, stainless steel watches are also aesthetically appealing and sturdy in addition. Stainless steel watches are resistant to corrosion and fall damage. However, some stainless steel watches might break upon a strong impact. However, this doesn’t decrease the worth and demand of a stainless steel wristwatch.


2. Titanium

 Titanium is a combination of different metals sturdy, shiny, and of course, expensive. Titanium is considered a precious metal because its manufacturing process is costly. Moreover, it’s a mixture of different metals; therefore, some people might have an allergic reaction. Plus, titanium wristwatches have a heavy chemical coating to make the watch shiny and sturdy. However, this precious metal has its place in the hearts of enthusiasts who love flaunting their wealth.


3. Ceramic

Ceramic is a composition of zirconium oxide – a hardened form of clay. There are numerous benefits of wearing a ceramic wristwatch because it’s resistant to heat and scratchproof. However, most people aren’t a fan of its feel and its rub against the skin. Yet, this watch material has a huge market among luxury wristwatch fans who would pay tremendous amounts of money to have a unique wristwatch.


4. Gold

 Gold is a precious metal used in premium, luxury items. It is used in wristwatches meant for only the elite class. You can see the Sheikh of Dubai wearing a gold wristwatch, but you won’t see this on the wrist of an average person. If your income supports your passion, your can flourish your fashion sense with a gold-plated wristwatch. That’s right, gold watches are plated but aren’t made entirely out of gold. This is because gold watches made out of gold aren’t malleable so they won’t wrap around your wrist so easily.


5. Carbon Fiber

 Carbon fiber is composed of tiny carbon particles joined together to form a chain. This chain serves as a watch band. Carbon fiber is the most expensive, lightweight, and sturdy wristwatch material out there. However, it will cost you a mini-fortune to buy a carbon fiber wristwatch. This material’s manufacturing cost is very high, and it’s mostly used in sports cars. Regardless, some wristwatch enthusiasts have bought carbon fiber wristwatches.


6. Silicon Rubber

 Silicon rubber was used by G-shock to great amazing wristwatches. Now, this material is used in manufacturing smartwatches and fitness bands. The softness of silicon is a very comfortable plus. It’s scratchproof. You can bend and drop your silicon rubber watch. Its bands won’t be damaged; however, the glass might crack. Silicon wristwatches are waterproof and synthetic, so you can go swimming without any worry.


7. Wood Watches

 The all-natural wood watches are the pinnacle of creativity in the wristwatch industry. This material has all the positive properties with only one major drawback – not being waterproof. Wood is a natural material, and watches made from wood are also cost-effective. But you can’t wear your wood watch and go swimming; this is because wood absorbs water and loses its shape. You will feel uneasy wearing a wet wooden watch, and you will need to put it under the sun to dry out. However, expert craftsmen have solved this problem and taken the wristwatch industry to new levels.


8. Stainless Steel Wood Watches

You have read about stainless steel watches above. Still, when this metal is infused with nature, it makes a watch visually appealing and waterproof. Stainless steel wood watches don’t absorb water because woodwork is comparatively less in these watches. Plus, stainless steel wood watches are extra durable because they are composed of two different materials. In addition, stainless steel wood watches are hypo-allergenic, meaning you won’t have an allergic reaction to wearing stainless steel wood watches.


Ending Note

Wristwatches are made from different materials, and wristwatch fans look for unique watches at affordable rates. You might want to impress your friends or leave an impression during an interview with your wristwatch. However, you will need to break the bank to be different. The most reasonable option is purchasing stainless steel wood watches.

Stuniii is one of the leading designers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that will leave a lasting impression, you can browse our collection of some of the finest wood watches online.



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