Different Types of Metal Watch Clasp

Different Types of Metal Watch Clasp - STUNIII

Ever wondered what type of clasp your watch has? Maybe you're just curious or looking to buy a new clasp; whatever the reason, it's something you should be familiar with. At least superficially, if you regularly wear your wristwatch. With that said, let's explore the different types of metal watch clasps.

A Quick Breakdown of Watch Clasps

Basically, there are two types of watch clasps, deployant, and buckle. The former is often seen on metal watches, and the latter is fixed on rubber or leather watches. But watch claps don't need to follow this fashion. For instance, there are a few leather watches with a deployant clasp.

Comparatively, deployant clasps are safer than buckles because your watch will not hit the ground if they unlock. Conversely, buckle straps are unsafe because if your watch unlocks, it'll hit the ground faster than you can. "Dang."

With that said, let's take a closer look at different types of watch clasp. This information will help you if you are looking to buy an expensive timepiece. We'll also talk about adjustability, which is an important factor if you think about gifting a watch this festive season.

Deployant Clasp

The standard version of the deployant clasp is often seen on men's stainless steel watches. Thanks to innovation, you can find these clasps in some uniquely designed stainless steel wood watches. As we mentioned above, the deployant clasp is much safer than its counterpart – the tang buckle.

A conventional deployant clasp unfolds into thirds, allowing you to slide your hand between the watch band. Once you have your watch in the right position, you can close the clasp by gently pushing it. The best part about deployant clasps is that they safely lock the watch on your wrist. Plus, you can have them adjusted to your liking, but for that, you have to visit a watch repair shop.

The only drawback of traditional deployant clasps is that the hook doesn't always fit. Plus, if you pull too hard to unlock the clasp, you might break. Most of us have been in situations where we have broken our clasp because we were frustrated. This isn't much of a design flaw, but it's there, so beware.

Push Button Deployant Clasp

The push-button deployant clasp looks similar to the conventional deployant clasp, but it has a small button on the sides. These buttons are tiny and not easy to press for people with large fingers. Nevertheless, they are a bit convenient but not the best in the market.

We have seen several people who have broken their push-button clasp because the watch won't unlock even after pressing the push button. It can get frustrating. Plus, if your hands are sweaty, you will struggle your way out of your watch.

However, push-button claps are more secure than conventional deployant clasp because the button on the side makes it impossible for the watch to unlock on its own. Even if the watch does unlock, it won't fall off your hand so easily.

The push-button clasp is slightly better than the conventional clasp, but if you want to adjust its size, you'll have to visit a professional.

Fold Over Push Button Clasp Stainless steel wood watch Men's wristwatch

Fold Over Push Button Clasp

The fold-over push-button clasp goes the extra mile to secure your watch on your wrist. It has a Triple fold design meaning the watch sits on a snatch and then locks in with the push button. To unlock, simply push the button and gently slide the watch, and you'll hear a slight clicking sound which means your watch is unlocked.

The only downside of a fold-over push-button clasp is its size. The clasp part of your watch is protruding out of the watchband. This might be an issue for most people, especially for those who purchase an expensive timepiece.

However, this clasp style is seen on expensive brands because it's more secure than the ones mentioned above. But you have to take it to a professional to adjust the band to your wrist.

Butterfly Clasp

The butterfly clasp is probably the most elegant of all the clasps; this is because these clasps are well hidden in the watch design. They are our favorite, but they have a major downside: the clasp opens inwards.

When you push the button (not on all butterfly clasp watches), the watch band opens inwards, which can be frustrating for most people. But the elegant design and well-hidden clasps buttons make this style the most preferred choice among watch enthusiasts.

Jewelry Clasp

Jewelry clasps come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These are often found in women's watches, and they are much more convenient than men's watch clasps. Jewelry clasps are also well hidden and can easily be adjusted. The clasp consists of a metal latch on one side and a hole on the other. The latch goes inside the hold, bends, and attaches to its other end, locking the watch. Jewelry clasps aren't the safest option, but they are very elegant.

However, jewelry clasps are the sturdiest. We haven't come across anyone complaining their jewelry clasp broke. This is primarily because the latch is flexible. Therefore, if you apply too much pressure, the latch bends, and the pressure is distributed throughout the watch band. It's a clasp seen on bracelets and ladies' wristwatches, and we haven't come across any men's watch with this sort of a clasp.

Final Thoughts

Knowing which type of clasp your watch has is beneficial if you ever need it repaired or resized. Plus, if you are buying an expensive watch, you'll know the pros and cons of every type of metal clasps. Out of all the claps, our favorite is the butterfly clasp. Stainless steel wood watches by Stuniii have butterfly claps that hide the protruding push button and add more elegance to your watch.

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.


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