Guide to Buying a Dress Watch - What to Look For

Guide to Buying a Dress Watch - What to Look For - STUNIII
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Dress watches are designed to be worn at a formal event complimented by a suit. Several qualities make a wristwatch suitable for wearing at formal events. These traits heavily rely on personal style and preferences. Fortunately, dress watches are made in various designs, ensuring a perfect watch for every buyer. 

If you are looking to buy a dress watch, you should know how to pick one. In this blog post, we will share 7 things to consider before buying a dress watch. This information will help you pick the right watch for the right occasion.

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Dress Watch

 A dress watch can easily make or break an outfit. If you are on the hunt, know what prey to look for. Here are 7 things to consider when buying a dress watch.

1.  Not All Dress Watches Are Simple

Gone are the days when dress watches were simple. After all, our fashion industry has evolved. If you are looking for a dress watch, don’t just browse straightforward watches. You can wear a slightly cluttered wristwatch to a business casual event. The advantage of feature-enriched wristwatches is the added benefit of keeping up with the date and other time elements. The critical attribute of a dress watch is that it goes well with a suit. If your stainless steel wood watch fits your attire, there is nothing wrong with wearing it.

2. Case Size

When looking for a dress watch, you want something that looks expensive but affordable. One of the things that make a timepiece unique is the case size. You should look for a dress watch with more than 42mm case size. Fortunately, brands know what their customers want, and you can find an assortment of wristwatches with more than 42mm case sizes. 

Even if you have smaller wrists, you can wear a 43mm wristwatch. Case size has nothing to do with comfort, so you should wear a watch that stands out. Besides case size, another feature that elevates a timepiece is its weight. The heavier the watch, the more premium it feels because high-quality materials are used in manufacturing.

3. Strap

Another feature of a dress watch is its strap. You can find a variety of straps but always go for the most comfortable one. If you are allergic to specific materials, go for hypoallergic brands. Stainless steel wood watches are hypoallergic and won't harm your skin. 

On the other hand, many dress watches come with a leather strap. Although they look classy, they collect sweat. If you spend several hours under the sun, a leather strap dress watch is not an ideal choice for you. Instead, you can buy a stainless steel wood watch.

4. Ability to Coordinate With Other Accessories

Men wear several accessories during a formal event. From cufflinks to tie holders, everything adds more character to their personality. When dressing up for a company event or a formal gathering, you should look your best in a well-rounded formal look. To achieve this look, you need a dress watch that looks slightly different and coordinates with other accessories. 

Most men wear wooden beads in their right hand with a metal tie holder. A stainless steel wood watch complements both accessories with its unique wood and steel design. You can opt for a conventional dress watch, but it won’t go with other accessories.

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5.  Durability

Durable dress watches are rare because they are made from fragile material to make them look simple. However, durability is a crucial factor when you are buying an expensive timepiece. You don't want your $3,000 dress watch to crack due to fall damage. However, dress watches aren't sturdy as their counterparts like sports or diver watches. But if you shop wisely, you’ll find robust dress watches that will last a lifetime.

For instance, stainless steel wood watches are highly durable because they are made from wood and steel. The synergy of wood and steel gives additional support to the watch case. Plus, a stainless steel wood watch glass is less likely to crack because it won’t face impact if you drop your watch.

6.  Watch Movement

The mechanical parts used to operate a wristwatch prohibit it from being slim. The rotor in an automatic quartz watch causes your dress watch to be slightly thick. If you want a slim and sleek dress watch, you’ll have to go with a mechanical watch. However, winding time and again to get your wristwatch up to speed can be distracting.  

Going with an automatic wristwatch is a good idea because you won’t have to wind your watch. Brands have developed innovative methods to reduce the size of a watch rotor. You can find a slim dress watch for your outfit that won’t make your suit look bulky. However, it won’t be as slim as a mechanical watch. So the choice is yours, whether you prefer to wind your watch and go for a slim model or keep things automatic and go with a slightly thick watch.

7. Brand

 Finally, the most crucial aspect of buying a dress watch is a good brand. You can find plenty of options online. But if you are looking for a budget dress watch, you can buy a stainless steel wood watch. These watches are branded, and you have the option to engrave your initials or whatever you like on your wristwatch. These personalization options make your wristwatch exclusive.

Ending Note

Buying a dress watch is no less than a struggle. From different options to choose from, you have to pick out a watch that fits the occasion. If you struggle to find a durable, budget-friendly, and unique dress watch, you can check out Stuniii. 

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. We are also planning to add platinum wood watches to our collection, so stay tuned to our website for more information. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online. 


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