How To Choose the Best Wooden Watch

How To Choose the Best Wooden Watch

“People create all kind of fancy watches and clocks, never stopping to realize they’re building monuments to the greatest of all thieves.” – K. Martin Beckner.

Wooden watches are becoming increasingly popular in 2021, and with the market for smartwatches declining, everyone needs something unique to put on their wrist. Although conventional wristwatches are great, they all look somewhat the same. Moreover, you can easily get tricked with a fake rip-off instead of a $1000 conventional watch. So what does that mean for the wooden wristwatch market?

Wooden watches are slowly getting the attention they deserve, and this had led people to wonder “how to choose the best wooden watch” if you are one of those who don’t know what to look for in a wooden watch, you’re at the right place. With our guide to finding the best wooden wristwatches, you can buy a phenomenal timepiece that will rest gracefully on your wrist.

It is important to learn about wooden wristwatches if it’s your first time buying one. This will help you better understand what to look for and what features are considered best in this industry.

Wood is the first thing you check when buying a wooden wristwatch. Ideally, you should buy a wooden wristwatch with hypoallergic properties because they are safe for the skin and don’t cause allergies. On top of that, each wood has its unique properties. From lustrous radiance to a distinct aroma, a wooden wristwatch can leave you amazed.

Checking the wood ensures that it’s original and there are no impurities used during the manufacturing process. You can easily authenticate wood by looking at its pattern. If the grain designs are irregular with patches, it’s an original.

Wood is prone to pest damages, and termite takes-over. But don’t worry, all wooden wristwatches are coated with pest-resistant material that is odorless and colorless. However, it is always best to authenticate and thoroughly check a wooden watch before making a purchase. Look for cracks and openings in the wood. You can find these by carefully examining the sides of the wooden band. If it’s free from opening, then your watch is 100% pest-proof.

Wooden wristwatches aren’t waterproof, so you can’t go swimming or deep-sea diving with them. However, they aren’t exactly a disaster in the rain. All wooden wristwatches are splash-proof and rain resistant, but you should confirm this with the seller and check it yourself. Spray a few drops of water on the dial and see if it’s working after 3 hours (that’s how long you should wait for the water to settle in if it’s not splash-proof). Additionally, you shouldn’t wait for the rain to tell if your watch is rain-proof. Put your wooden wristwatch under slow tap water for 15 seconds, and then check if it’s working. These tests could help you ask for a refund if the seller didn’t live to their commitment.

Almost all electronics and accessories come with warranty and repair support. Your wooden wristwatch is only as good as its warranty and repair support, so make sure to check that. You can find warranty details below the box, or you can confirm with the seller. Sometimes, sellers send a separate document for warranty and repair support.

Although you can’t check the repair support without damaging the watch, you can read what services they offer through their repair terms. This will help you decide whether the wooden wristwatch you are interested in is worth the investment or not.

The only problems you might face with your wooden wristwatch is on its wrist band. But these problems rarely occur, and wrist band wear and tears mostly happen due to negligence. However, you should never refrain from inquiring about details before buying.

Believe it or not, most wooden wristwatch retailers don’t offer on the spot band fix services. You will have to drop -off your wooden wristwatch at the repair center for a mere 5 minutes procedure. So it’s best to ask the retailer if the wrist band is easily replaceable on the spot or not.

Your wooden wristwatch is as authentic as its seller. So instead of testing out a valuable timepiece, you should check the seller’s knowledge. Ask about which company makes the clock movement. If the seller fails to answer, forget about it. |There is no reason to buy a wooden wristwatch from a seller who doesn’t know about it. Chances are, the person is a third-party seller, and the watches are used.

While most wooden wristwatches come with the self-winding feature, but if you fall in love with a design that supports battery, you should inquire about its health and replacement. Most sellers don’t include battery replacements, so you need to check elsewhere for the right match.

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