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How to Store Your Wristwatch - STUNIII
 Tips  for storing your wristwatch


Whether you are a serious collector or have a few colorful watches to match your outfit, how you store your watches has a huge impact on their condition. Improper storage can lead to scratches and moisture. On the other hand, leaving your valuable watch in the open can make your timepiece vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for keeping your watch safe and protected. In this blog post, we will share our tips and tricks on how to store your watch. 

How to Store Your Watch at Home

A precious timepiece is a huge responsibility. Keeping it scratch-free and safe from theft can be exhausting. Here are our easy tips for storing your wristwatch at home. 

1. Store You Watch in a Storage Case

Storage boxes are similar to jewelry boxes, but they are designed to hold your wristwatch. These boxes have a transparent top that lets you see your collection. It's a good option for those who regularly wear a matching watch to their outfit. 

The inside of a storage box is lined with plush fabric that prevents scratches. It's safe to keep your watch in a storage box if you are not using it for a while. Similarly, storage boxes are excellent for keeping stainless steel wood watches because their plush fabric protects wood and stainless steel from damage and moisture. 

2. Use and Insert 

If you are a watch collector, you probably have an assortment of different watches. You might be looking for a bigger space than a storage box. In this situation, you can use an insert to store your watches. Inserts are special compartments designed to store watches in your closet or a drawer. They have a special tray designed to hold wristwatches of all sizes. These compartments slide in like a drawer in your dressing, and you can even lock it from outside. Inserts keep your watches free from moisture, scratch, and theft. So you can comfortably leave your house unattended, and your collection will be in perfect shape when you get home. 

If your tray isn't properly aligned, your watch collection will move around the insert when you open the drawer. The best way to eliminate this problem is by cutting a piece of paper and placing it in the gap between the drawer and the insert. 

3. Keep Your Watches in a Cigar Case to Prevent Moisture

Moisture is the worst enemy of your watch collection, especially if you have stainless steel wood watches. Moisture can collect during winter when the air is filled with water vapor. Cigar cases have humidors that keep your cigar from collecting moisture. Storing your wristwatches in a cigar case is the best option when it comes to prolonging the life of your wristwatch. Although your watch might smell like tobacco, you won't face this problem if you clean the cigar box properly.  If you need a quick storage option, cigar cases are your best bet! 



Storing your wristwatch in a safe place



4. Use a Watch Roll for Traveling

If you travel to an exotic location and don't want your wristwatch collection to miss the scenery, you can buy a watch roll. Watch rolls are designed from delicate and premium material that keeps your watch safe from moisture, scratch, and dust. Moreover, a watch roll is shock-resistant, meaning if you drop it by any chance, your watch collection won't sustain damage. However, drop it from a ridiculous height, and you can say goodbye to your wristwatches. 

5. Wooden Box 

 Wooden boxes are a rare and beautiful storage option for wristwatches. You get a free wooden box when you buy a stainless steel wood watches from Stuniii. Wooden boxes are great for keeping moisture and scratches at bay. They have soft fabric that prevents dust from entering the box. Moreover, they are aesthetically pleasing and probably the fanciest and extravagant option to store your wristwatches. 

6. How to Store Your Wristwatch?

Now that you know where to store your wristwatch at home, it's time to know how to store them. Storing a wristwatch isn't about throwing it in the right case. You need to place your wristwatch to avoid scratches perfectly. If you are a wristwatch collector, you know the importance of storing a wristwatch. So much so that even the slightest misalignment could cause scratches. 

The best way to store your wristwatch is face-up. If you put your wristwatch face down, the crystal will get scratched even on a soft fabric. Plush material might seem soft and fitting to put your wristwatch face-down, but they have small particles that gradually leave scratch marks on the face of your wristwatch. These marks are hard to remove and can devalue your wristwatch. Remember, when your watch is resting flat or wrapped around a watch holder, it should always be face-up to avoid unwanted scratches. Although the face might collect dust, it's less harmful than scratches. 

Moreover, it would be best to leave at least a 1.3cm gap between watches when you store them in an insert or a watch box. Watch roll is no exception, and spacing your watches will prevent them from scratching one another as you move. Moreover, when you open the drawer, watches tend to move. If they are closely packed, their crows might rub against each other. 

Ending Note

Wristwatches are precious timepieces that appreciate in monetary value if you take good care of them. Watch collectors have wristwatches worth millions of dollars, and they sell them for a higher value. If you are looking for a unique stainless steel wood watch to add to your collection with a wooden box, you can checkout wristwatches at Stuniii. 

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.

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