Padauk Wood Watch – Pros and Cons

Padauk Wood Watch – Pros and Cons - STUNIII
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Pros of Wearing a Padauk Wood Watch 

When you are shopping for a wristwatch, you have plenty of brands to choose from. However, most of these brands follow the same material with slight changes to the design. Sure there isn’t enough room to make design changes in a wristwatch, but there is plenty of area for creativity. For instance, you can wear them to any occasion, whether it’s formal or casual. Plus, wood watches are never out of style. 

But many consumers are exhausted by the same old wood being used with slightly modified designs. If you are a true wristwatch enthusiast, you are probably looking for something unique. 

There are several options in choosing a wood watch. You can go for a complete wood-based design or go a little out of the box and try wood plus steel watches. This combination of nature and ingenuity brings about the best of both worlds. With a wood plus steel design watch, you can enjoy the aroma of wood with the feel of steel on your wrist. However, there is plenty of wood watches to choose from, and this variety often confuses buyers, causing them to drop their purchase intention. 

In this blog post, we will share the pros and cons of the Padauk wood watch and help you decide whether it’s worth buying or not. So keep reading to learn more about Padauk wood. 

Padauk Wood History and Origin

The Padauk wood originated from Asia and Africa, and it can be found in various Pterocarpus species. Padauk wood is a valuable resource because of its durability, strength, and stability while working. This wood can be carved easily into different shapes and sizes, and wood watchmakers often utilize this wood thanks to its strong nature. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about supporting global warming when you buy a wood watch; this is because wood watches are made from scraps. Hence, your purchase of a wood watch is environmentally friendly. 

The Padauk wood is very common in Africa, and it’s called Vermilion because of its reddish color. The inner part of the Africa Padauk wood is pale orange or deep brown-red, but it darkens after being cut. Although the African Padauk has a red color, it darkens over time, making it more appealing in the form of a wood watch. 



Wood plus steel watch


1. Color 

One of the best selling points of the Padauk wood watch is its colors. It starts with a blood-red color and fades darker over the years. If this is your first wood watch, then you will be happy with your purchase because you will enjoy a new look with this wood watch every year. The heartwood of the Padauk tree is orange, so if your piece is made from pieces of heartwood, you will enjoy a unique blend of different colors. Since wood watches aren’t coated with harmful chemicals, they age gracefully and can be used as a family heirloom. 

2. Texture

 One of the reasons why people buy a wood watch is probably because of its texture. You won’t feel or see any texture on a steel watch. This is because steel is smoothened, and its texture could harm your skin. On the other hand, the Padauk wood has an interlocked grain pattern. The Padauk wood watches are also found in plain texture for those who don’t prefer grains. In addition to grains, the Padauk wood also has a good luster with an open texture.

3. Resistance 

If you are buying a wood watch for the first time, you might be worried about whether your watch is resistant to wear and tear. You will be surprised to know that the beauty of a wood watch lies in its ability to withstand wear and tear and look even more beautiful with time. Moreover, the Padauk wood is naturally resistant to insect and termites, so you won’t have to worry about any insect problems if you store you wood watch for a long time. 

Cons of the Padauk Wood Watch

Everything in life has its pros and cons, and the Padauk wood isn’t any different. However, its cons don’t affect the end consumer. Here is how. 

1. Odor 

 The Padauk wood is known to have an unbearable odor. However, the odor is only present during the cutting process. Since wood watches are made from scrap wood, the odor is already separated from the wood, leaving raw beauty and texture. 

2. Toxicity 

The Padauk wood releases fumes that can cause an allergic reaction. However, the toxicity of this wood is released during the cutting process. Large-scale furniture manufacturers use Padauk wood, and artisans making wood watch utilize the remaining material. Otherwise, the waste material is either burned or discarded in the ocean.

Concluding Thoughts

Padauk wood is one of the finest quality wood originating from Asia and Africa. Having it wrapped around your wrist is like carrying nature with you.

Stuniii is one of the leading designers of wood watches. We use premium quality material, and we also have wood plus steel watches. If you are interested in buying a wood watch or a wood plus steel watch, you can browse our collection of some of the finest wood watches online


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