Picking the Right Watch For The Right Occasion

Picking the Right Watch For The Right Occasion - STUNIII
Different types of watches for different occasions.



While women take the heat for taking long hours to dress for an event, men aren’t far behind in choosing the right wristwatch. After all, a wristwatch is one of the few accessories men wear. And if your wristwatch isn’t on point, it might seem you aren’t putting in the effort.

A wristwatch can help create an impression on others quickly. It can help during an interview, save you from awkward eye contact at a bar, and give a favorable impression on a date. However, the most common question wristwatch owners have is which wristwatch to wear at a bar, date, interview, or funeral. The reason being, most people don’t know what works and what doesn’t at a specific event. 

Like dress codes, there are watch codes for specific events. For instance, you can’t wear a sports watch with a black suit at an interview. In fact, you shouldn’t wear a casual sports watch at a wedding with a tuxedo. Since wristwatches tie men’s outfit together, they need to be coupled with the right attire. While most dressing blog posts address women’s style, this one is dedicated to men out there. So, if you can’t figure out which wristwatch to wear, check out our guide for picking out the right watch for the right occasion. 

Different Watch Types 

Before we explain which wristwatch looks good on a jacket and enhances your tracksuit appeal, let’s explore the different options. 

There aren’t many choices when it comes to buying a wristwatch. Most wristwatches are straightforward, and others are tech-savvy, and there is no in-between. However, we have found the middle way. Here are different types of watches you should know before you can understand which watch to wear at a formal event and which is best for a casual dinner.

  1. Dress Watches 
  2. Casual Watches
  3. Smart Watches 
  4. Sports and Diving Watches 
  5. Aviation and Motorsport 

Picking the Right Watch for The Right Occasion

Ever seen someone wearing a rubber strap watch at a formal dinner? Watches reflect your personality, and you need to wear the right watch for the right occasion. Otherwise, your dressing won’t match your personality. Here are different types of watches for different occasions. 

Adventure Watches 

The line between adventure watches and smartwatches is growing thinner day by day since most smartwatches are also waterproof. However, we are talking about serious sports like triathlons and swimming. If you enjoy soaking in the sea and routinely go to the beach, you need an adventure watch. These watches are designed to resist water levels up to 4,000m. You can also find affordable options depending on your sports activities. 

On the other hand, sports watches do more than just keep water at bay. These watches monitor your heart activity and provide important health-related information to prevent any serious 

illness. Rubber straps on sports watches prevent skin damage when you are swimming in water or jogging. Leather is not a suitable material for adventure watch bands since it tends to leave its color when it is soaked. 

Conversely, you can wear sports watches for casual events. There are no hard and fast rules for wearing a specific category of watches during an event. It’s about making the right impression, so sports watches are also excellent for casual dinners, hanging out with friends, or going on a date. 



Different Watch Types



Dress Watches 

Looking sober, serious, and impeccable goes hand in hand with dress watches. Dress watches are minimalistic and lacking clutter caused by too much text on the watch face or too many dials. Most people wear dress watches for a formal event or an interview. You can also wear your dress watch when on a date or hanging out with your friends. However, you should wear the appropriate attire. For instance, you shouldn’t wear a dress watch with a T-shirt or a hoodie because it’s not the suitable clothing option that goes with your watch. 

Dress watches are meant to make you look mature, serious, and accomplished. So, your dressing should also reflect these qualities. Besides, dress watches follow traditional style watches. Therefore, you will see mostly 40 years old men wearing a dress watch because it matches their personality and attire. On the other hand, even someone in their 30’s or 20’s can wear a dress watch. However, dress watches are designed specifically to be worn on formal events. So, wear a dress watch at weddings, interviews, family dinners, graduation parties, and professional meetings. 

Aviation or Motorsport Watches 

Some dress watches qualify as aviation or motorsport watches. However, as a style guide, we would recommend sticking to conventional dress watches for formal affairs. You can find their collection of aviation and motorsport watches to fit your needs when you are biking on an open road. Plus, these watches are strong and prone to fall damages. However, we don’t recommend doing a fall test by throwing your aviation watch out of the window. Despite the guarantees and warranties from the manufacturer, you should take care of your wristwatch and save it from accidents. Aviation and motorsport watches are also water and dustproof but not as much as a sports watch. 

Pairing an aviation or motorsport watch with aviation sunglasses and a biker jacket will complete your look. Contrary to popular belief, Tag Huer isn’t a dress watch brand. In fact, Tag Huer has constantly played with the line between dress and aviation watches. Therefore, it can be used for both purposes and occasions. 

The versatility of these watches is impeccable. It can also match your attire for formal meetings, dinners, and parties. However, an aviation or motorsport watch is not something to wear at a wedding or when enjoying sports. Aviation and motorsport watches are best defined as a combination of sports and dress watches. They have stainless steel or leather bands accompanied by a multi-functional and clustered dial. They represent an adventurous personality and suit a biker’s wrist. 

Accessorizing Your Watch

There aren’t many ways to accessories your watch besides changing its band. This is good because changing a sold black band with a textured brown band changes the category and purpose of your watch. For example, a solid black band is a serious look fit for a formal event. However, a brown textured band is for a smart casual look. If the dial of your wristwatch doesn’t go with the band, you should switch to default. 

Each material and color of the band has its specific purpose. Wristwatch enthusiasts rarely change the strap of your watch. Mostly, they’ll carry different bands when they are attending different functions in a single day. 

Watch For a Dress Shirt 

A wristwatch is all about your personality and how you want to present yourself, from weddings to swanky bars to job interviews. Pairing the right watch with the right occasion is an art. However, if you want to be like Ryan Gosling from “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” you need to pair your watch with your dress shirt. 

A dress shirt is a formal attire that adds more character and depth to your personality. In fact, a dress shirt makes you look professional and successful. Pair it with the perfect dress watch, and you will turn heads at a bar. The best brands for dress watches are Omega and Rolex. These watches are made to add luxury and a smart look to your attire. However, there are rules to pairing your wristwatch with your shirt. 



Best Wrist Watches for men



Rule 1: A long shirt should cover 85% or more of your watch when standing. Only when you sit or bend your arms should your watch be visible. If your dress watch is sticking out of your shirt, it doesn’t make you look tidy. Try to buy a shirt with long sleeves and don’t tuck your sleeves under your wristwatch. Avoid rolling up your sleeves even when you are at an informal gathering. It looks unprofessional in public. 

Rule 2: Your watch should always be under the sleeves, not over them. Otherwise, it doesn’t give the serious look these watches aim to provide. 



Rule 3: The thickness of your watch should be moderate. It should rest under your sleeves comfortably. Wearing a bulky sports watch will add humps to your sleeve, and it would become uncomfortable for you to wear your watch for long hours. Therefore, dress shirt watches are slim and sexy. 

Rule 4: Make sure the strap fits around your wrist comfortably. It shouldn’t be too loose nor too tight. Wearing a watch around your forearm isn’t cool anymore. The ideal gap between your watch and wrist should be enough so that you can comfortably slide your index finger. 

Wearing a Watch With Short or Rolled up Sleeve 

Some people like to roll up their sleeves because they feel comfortable that way. On the other hand, several watches are a perfect match for rolled-up sleeves. You can wear a sports watch with a rubber strap or a watch with a leather strap. It won’t make much difference because your watch is completely visible, which gives off a separate vibe from your entire outfit. 

Why Do Men Wear Wristwatches?

You never thought wearing a wristwatch would be so complicated, right? It makes you wonder why do men wear wristwatches of its soo tough to pick the right one. Here are several reasons that will explain the importance of wristwatches for men. 

The Only Accessory 

Besides bands and bracelets, watches are the only useful accessories men wear. This makes wristwatches more important because they add character to men’s personalities and serve as a time-telling device. 

They Are Convenient 

How many times do you pull out your smartphone, just to tell time? Well, you might be doing it too often because you just bought it. However, soon, it will become frustrating to pull out your smartphone when you need to check the time. Wristwatches are more convenient since you can tell time with a flick of the wrist. 

They Are an Art Piece 

Many wristwatch manufacturers spend hours designing the perfect wristwatch watch. They have a complex mechanism and excellent craftsmanship, which attract premium buyers. A wristwatch extends your personality, and if you love art, you will be fond of wristwatches. 

The Bottom Line 

By now, you must know how and why men wear wristwatches. The information mentioned above will help you pick out the right wristwatch for the right occasion. Moreover, you should pair your wristwatch collection with your outfits. This pairing will reduce time when you are getting ready for an event. Plus, you should have more than 2 straps with you at all times. If you run into different events in a single day, at least you can change your wristwatch from formal to casual. Making this choice will show that you value an event, and you didn’t have the time to change your clothes, so you adjusted the smallest piece of your attire to match the occasion. If you are looking for some extravagant and unique wristwatches, you should check out Stuniii. 

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