Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Wood Watches

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Wood Watches - STUNIII
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Wood watches have been around for a couple of years, and now, this industry is going through a wave of innovation. Many wood watch sellers like Stuniii add unique material to their watches, creating robust, sturdy stainless steel wood watches and even platinum wood watches. 

This goes to show that there is more room for improvement in the wristwatch you are wearing. Experts predict that top-tier wristwatch brands are in trouble as the wood watch industry picks up pace and buyer acceptance. 

However, before the stainless steel wood watches market becomes saturated with high demand and equal supply, there is a lot of information about these unique watches that needs to be highlighted. Many people are still not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing stainless steel wood watches. 

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Wood Watches

The wristwatch industry has always been flexible and open to innovation. With the rise in demand for these beautiful timepieces, people are inclined to collect more information before buying their first stainless steel wood watch. So, keep reading below to find some shocking advantages of wearing a stainless steel wood watch plus a few disadvantages of stainless steel watches that can easily be dealt with. 


In this blog post, we will share the pros and cons of wearing stainless steel wood watches. This blog post will also serve as a guide to help you decide why stainless steel wood watches are better than other watches. So, keep reading to learn more. 

Pros of Wearing a Stainless Steel Wood Watch 

1. Eco-Friendly 

We all know that the conventional wristwatch manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. With the influx of new information about global warming, many people are reducing the use of or giving up products that aren’t eco-friendly. This shift in buyer behavior has led to an increase in the demand for stainless steel wood watches since stainless steel wood watches are eco-friendly. 

Now, you might be wondering how is a wood watch eco-friendly when they are manufactured from trees? Well, wood watches aren’t manufactured by cutting down forests. These watches are made from the scrap material left after high-end furniture manufacturing. For every stainless wood watch, you save the environment and prevent furniture manufacturers from dumping their scrap in the ocean. 

2. Hypo-Allergenic 

You might be surprised to know that some people are allergic to different forms of metal since their bodies can’t tolerate contact with certain metals. People with such conditions can’t wear a wristwatch without causing harm to their health. On the other hand, a stainless steel wood watch is hypo-allergic because it’s mostly made out of wood. Plus, the stainless steel used to manufacture these wood watches isn’t treated with hazardous chemicals, so you are free from any allergies. 



Solar wristwatch

3. Highly Durable 

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel wood watches are more durable than conventional wristwatches. This is because they are made with two different materials bonded together. The tenacity of wood combined with the sturdy nature of steel makes stainless steel watches immune to fall damage. However, taking care of your wristwatch goes without saying. So don’t start throwing it in places where you might lose it. 

4. Uniqueness 

Hands down, stainless steel wood watches are uniquely made with extra care and can be customized to your liking. You can find a variety of options at Stuniii, where the choices are endless. Plus, you can engrave your name on your wood watch for exclusivity. A stainless steel wood watch doesn’t come in plastic packaging that isn’t eco-friendly. Instead, you get a wooden box that is both shock-resistant and absorbs more scratches, giving you an exceptional unboxing experience. On the other hand, wearing a watch made with steel and wood adds a mystery to your personality, making you look different from the rest. Stainless steel watches truly uplift their wearer personality, making them look more appealing. 

5. Price Point 

While a conventional wristwatch will cost you between around $700 and $1000, a wood watch is far inexpensive than these options. Stainless steel wood watches are made from scrap material, so there isn’t a huge manufacturing cost associated with the price tag. For the price of a conventional watch that’s just too basic, you can buy 3 stainless steel wood watches. One for yourself, and you can give the rest as a gift. 

6. Weight

Most conventional watches are heavy, and this adds extra weight to your wrist although it might not seem like something to worry about at first. However, with time, conventional watches become a burden and uncomfortable. No matter how much watchmakers try to reduce their product’s weight, making them as light as a wood watch isn’t possible; this is because wood is naturally lighter than other materials and more comfortable.

7. Aroma 

Wood has a natural aroma that can relax your muscles and reduce stress. Different qualities of wood have a different aroma that can be captivating for you and the people next to you. Plus, wood has beneficial natural properties like removing dead skin cells and relaxing the muscles and blood veins. You will notice a significant difference in your mood when you wear stainless steel wood watches. 

8.  Ages Gracefully

Unlike conventional watches, stainless steel wood watches age gracefully over time; this is because wood looks more appealing when it ages as the bright colors darken. If you are a fan of wearing wristwatches but often get bored with the same color, you will love stainless steel wood watches. You don’t have to buy a new belt every time you want to revamp your wristwatch. Plus, stainless steel wood watches can be used as family heirlooms because they are resistant to termites and other insects. There are no chemicals used to make the wood resistant to insects. Instead, the unique properties of the wood itself repel insects and bugs. 

Cons of Wearing a Stainless Steel Wood Watch

A stainless steel wood watch is highly durable, sturdy, and has a distinct aroma. However, that doesn’t make it perfect. There are a few disadvantages of wearing a stainless steel wood watch that you don’t know of. Below we have shared all the disadvantages of wearing a stainless steel wood watch so you can make an informed decision in your favor. 


Stainless steel wood watch box




1.  It’s Not Water Proof

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of wearing a stainless steel wood watch is that it is not waterproof. Hence, you can’t go swimming with your new watch. As a result, stainless steel watches are not ideal for frequent divers and swimmers. However, you can wear your stainless steel wood watch elsewhere and attract attention. These watches are great for wearing at a formal event, funeral, or casual date. The versatility of stainless steel wood watches makes them more desirable among both genders. 

2.  A Bit Sensitive

Just like all precious items, stainless steel wood watches are sensitive; this is because the glass on top is designed to be lightweight which makes it prone to cracks. However, wood watches are preferred by explorers; therefore, certain wood watch manufacturer deliberately makes a think glass so that explorers can break them and use as a sharp object during their travel. Plus, the glass is excellent for starting a fire. So, if you love traveling, you might prefer this disadvantage over wearing a watch with a hard-to-break glass. 

3. Prone to Extreme Temperature

This might be a disadvantage for a few people, but others find it interesting. Wood watches are made from different wood types gathered from different parts of the world. Therefore, these pieces of wood can only sustain their color at a certain temperature. Extremely hot or cold areas can fade or darken the color of your stainless steel wood watch. Your friends might think you purchased a new wristwatch. 

While this might not impress a few people, those who enjoy different styles prefer this feature of stainless steel wood watches. The best part about buying a stainless steel wood watch is that there is more steel than wood in some watches. The rest of the woodwork is present below the dial, which won’t be exposed to sunlight. So, even if you don’t want your wood watch to change colors, there won’t be much of a difference because the stainless steel will absorb most of the heat and protect the wood. 

Checklist for Buying a Stainless Steel Wood Watch

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of wearing a stainless steel wood watch, you might be looking for the best watch to buy. Here is a checklist of all things you should consider before buying a stainless steel wood watch. 

1. Warranty

The warranty is the most important aspect of buying anything. People love staying in touch with the manufacturer in case anything goes wrong. So, always look for an extended warranty on stainless steel wood watches as this shows that the seller is confident in the product, which will help you build trust.

2. Splash Proof 

Many stainless steel wood watches aren’t waterproof, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the rain. The best quality stainless steel wood watches are splash-proof, making them more durable. However, you need to ask the manufacturer about this feature because it isn’t mentioned in the product description or on the box sometimes.

3. Style  

Stainless steel wood watches come in different styles, and the list never ends at Stuniii. However, you should buy one that goes well with your wardrobe. Although black is the most preferred color for most people, you can browse other options as well. Just keep in mind that your wood watch will change color over time. So, make sure the color you pick goes well with your personality, even if it brightens or darkens over time. Plus, you should have a matching suit or casual clothes that go well with your new stainless steel wood watch. 

4. Solar Wood Watches 

One of the biggest innovations in the wristwatch industry was solar power. Manufacturers were aware that their product life depended on the battery, and buyers would switch to a different brand after the battery expires. This limitation led to the introduction of solar watches, maintaining the relationship between a man and his watch. 

However, now solar watches are also found in wood and stainless steel designs. These options make wood watches all the more eco-friendly. So, if you are environmentally aware and know that global warming is no joke, you will prefer a solar-powered stainless steel wood watch over other options. 

Wrapping it Up

Wood watches have been around for some time. However, this innovation by Stuniii is phenomenal. Stainless steel wood watches are a new product line introduced by Stuniii. You can buy different colored watches at Stuniii and also the different quality of wood. The prices at Stuniii are highly affordable, and you won’t have to break the bank to buy a unique wristwatch that stands out. On the other hand, Stuniii is all set to introduce a new line of wood watches infused with platinum – something that has never been tried before! So, sign up at Stuniii to stay updated with the latest news and blog posts about stainless steel wood watches and their premium platinum collection. 




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