Smartwatch Vs. Stainless Steel Wood Watch Which Is Better?

Smartwatch Vs. Stainless Steel Wood Watch Which Is Better? - STUNIII

The innovations in technology have taken over the wristwatch industry, and we see many smartwatches coming our way. These watches are stylish, tech-savvy, and have all the features you need. But do they compare with a conventional watch design? Find out here in this comparison between smartwatches and stainless steel wood watches.

Smartwatch Vs. Stainless Steel Wood Watch

People wear wristwatches for several reasons. Some wear it to tell time while others strap their watches to match their outfit. Hence, the wristwatch industry is full of different options that meet consumer preferences. But if you can’t decide between a stainless steel wood watch and a smartwatch, we are here to help.

For starters, smartwatches are like wrapping your cell phone on your wrist. These watches aren’t preferred by the baby boomer generation because they aren’t tech-savvy. On the other hand, a conventional timepiece like a stainless steel wood watch is a blast from the past. It’s made from unique materials, it’s not tech-savvy, and it has all the buttons and dials that connect with the old and (sometimes) the newer generation. But they are more differences between smartwatches and stainless steel wood watches than meets the eye.

One Appreciates While the Other Depreciates Over Time

The main difference and probably the primary reason the baby boomer generation loves conventional wristwatches is that their financial worth appreciates over time. As for stainless steel wood watches, they hold more value than a conventional brand over time because they age gracefully.

The older generation was focused on saving and buying assets. So when wristwatches were sold as vintage collections after they aged a decade, baby boomers took the watch industry as an investment opportunity. Even today, vintage watches are sold for more than their original price.

On the other hand, smartwatches are like cell phones, and their value depreciates over time. This doesn’t appeal to baby boomers because they don’t see it as an investment rather an expense. The older generation isn’t wrong about this because the next difference we tell you will stress more on this point.

Maintainance Cost

Even with the amount of information available, millennials often lack financial awareness and money management skills. They blame it on the schooling system, but baby boomers weren’t taught financial management in schools either.

Smartwatches come with a high maintenance cost. In fact, the cost of repairing an Apple watch’s screen is flat $299. This means you aren’t buying an asset. Instead, you are putting your money in an expense that will add more cost in the future – at least, that’s what the older generation thinks.

On the contrary, stainless steel wood watches have little to no maintenance cost. The wood is resistant to wear and tear, and the scratches show the age of your watch. Stainless steel wood watches age gracefully over time, adding to their value.

Too Much Tech

Smartwatches can sometimes be overwhelming with too many options and features. Sure, it’s great to have a heart rate monitor on your watch and a tracker, but you are giving up your privacy. In this aspect, stainless steel wood watches are close to nature and away from tech. The woodwork in these watches gives you the same feeling as spending time in the woods, which is further enhanced by the distinct aroma of the wood.

A Smartwatch Sitting on The Table Stainless steel wood watch designs Wood watch at Stuniii



Recently, smartwatches have been made with premium materials like aluminum, but they aren’t as durable as stainless steel wood watches. This is probably because smartwatches have moveable tiny computer parts that can malfunction without warning. Stainless steel wood watches are lightweight, technically sound, and support an active lifestyle minus the tiny computer parts that might malfunction without warning.

Detach Yourself

The adverse effects of modern technology have been brought to recent prominence, and it’s consuming our minds and making us dull. Wrapping a smartphone on your wrist doesn’t do any good. In fact, it can lead to more stress and anxiety as you are constantly in touch with work, social media, and news. A stainless steel wood watch disconnects you from the world and gives you some quality time with yourself. These watches quietly serve our needs without bombarding us with any type of news, friend requests, calls, or messages.


So smartwatches are highly customizable. You can change the band, dial style, and just about everything with the latest smartwatch models. But, you can’t personalize them without devaluing them. This is because if you attempt to engrave your name on an aluminum smartwatch with heat-sensitive computer chips, you might end up permanently damaging your watch. On the contrary, stainless steel wood watches take customization to the next level. You don’t need to buy a new strap for your stainless steel wood watch because it changes color over time as the wood ages. Moreover, you can easily engrave your initials on it to make it more personalized. And some people use stainless steel wood watches as family heirlooms because the wood looks more vibrant and attractive as it ages.

The Final Verdict

Smartwatches have their target market, including people who enjoy wearing a computer on their wrist because it provides convenience. However, some people love the traditional style of stainless steel wood watches. Both of these consumers aren’t wrong, and they have their personalities. But in terms of raw comparison, smartwatches might take the lead for being tech-savvy, but stainless steel wood watches win in terms of battery life, design, personalization, and durability. Plus, these watches are like an investment that you can sell later in the future.

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