Spruce Your Wardrobe With 8 Fashion Tips

Spruce Your Wardrobe With 8 Fashion Tips - STUNIII

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Are you out of fashion ideas and looking for shopping tips and inspiration? Well, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will share our top tips for keeping up with fashion trends and sprucing up your wardrobe.

Fashion Tips for Revamping Your Style

Changing your style statement can be hard when you don't know where to start. Let's start by taking an overview of your entire look.

     1. Your Overall Look

The first step of bringing out the new you is changing your overall look to a new one. Start by changing the way you dress; the change this step will bring will be noticeable immediately. Search for new trendy looks on Pinterest, and search online for shops that sell those items or similar to the ones you have seen. Once you have shopped for new clothes, move to the small details that add uniqueness to your overall style.

     2. Buy a Unique Wristwatch

The entirety of your style statement depends on the accessories you wear. Your shirt and denim are the first things people notice, but your accessories leave a subtle impression on others. Wearing a conventional wristwatch will only get you so far with pleasing others.

However, if you wear unique timepieces like stainless steel wood watches, you will make a lasting impression. A stainless steel wood watch is a unique timepiece that goes well with every outfit, be it casual or formal. It's a rare timepiece that looks and feels different than any other watch. It's sure to garner attention and start a conversation.

     3. Buy Sustainable Fabric

Fashion and technology evolve simultaneously, and as our planet faces global warming crises, it's high time we become more responsible. Therefore, the fashion industry took a turn towards clean green clothing. You can find environment-friendly apparel on the internet with a quick search. One eco-friendly choice you can make is wearing stainless steel wood watches.

Since wood is renewable, stainless steel wood watchmakers plant more trees than they cut down. As a result, our planet doesn't run out of trees. Similarly, clothing manufacturers have developed newer techniques to prevent chemical wastage thrown in the sea. By supporting eco-friendly brands, you reduce your carbon footprint in the world for your future generations and dress according to the latest fashion trends.

     4. Buy More Suits If You Live the Corporate Life

If you are working in the corporate sector, you'll need to revamp your wardrobe and add more suits since you'll encounter several formal events where you'll need to dress accordingly. Moreover, suits appeal to your personality, and going with different colors isn't a bad idea. The most popular color choices for suits are bottle green, royal blue, grey, and black.

When buying off-the-peg, you need to check if your suit fits across the shoulders. Moreover, getting the waist and chest altered is also a good idea because it brings out your body's lean shape. Wearing a baggy suit looks and feel untidy. A classic two-button single-breasted suit is the most popular choice. It's widely accepted, so there's no need to go beyond this design. If you are looking for something different, go for an Italian cut.


Fashion tips by Stuniii Stainless steel wood watches by Stuniii Fashion tips for men


     5. Don't Be Afraid of Colors

According to fashion designer Olive Spencer, men tend to shy away from colors other than navy, grey, and black. However, wearing clothes in colors like mustard, bottle green, and pink can be a good style choice.

     6. Your Shoes Tie Your Entire Outfit

Most men skip shoes when it comes to pairing their outfits. As a result, their style statement looks incomplete. Black and brown shoes seem to go with every color, but if you are planning a casual outfit, colors like blue and green will complete your look. To make these colors work, you need the right colors on the upper half of your body. For instance, if you wear a white shirt on mustard pants, blue shoes will look much better than black because black shoes will kill your outfit's vibrancy.

     7. Minimalistic Graphic T-Shirts Are Better

Graphic T-shirts were cool when you were in high school, but less is more if you are an adult. You don't have to kill your love for graphic T-shirts. You need to pick those with fewer colors and pictures. Minimalistic graphic T-shirts aren't too loud and look aesthetically pleasing. They mask your personality and bring out your body shape. Pairing your graphic T-shirt with blue or black denim is a timeless classic look. You can add more glamor to your outfit by wearing stainless steel wood watches.

     8. Brand Yourself

Wearing the right colors and an eco-friendly watch are all great, but finding what to wear can be difficult if you don't have your brand personality in mind. Therefore, discover who you are and wear what represents your innermost self. This will help you defend your outfit and reflect your personality. So, if you are a cheerful person, go with vibrant colors and vice versa.

The Bottom Line

Using the tips shared above will help you bring out a new look and add more style to your life. While you are keeping up with fashion, make responsible choices. Wearing eco-friendly clothes and wristwatches is the way to go in 2022. If you are interested in buying an eco-friendly wristwatch, there's no one better than Stuniii.

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