Stainless Steel Wood Watch Review

Stainless Steel Wood Watch Review - STUNIII
What is a stainless steel wood watch



Gone are the days when wristwatches used to be made from the same material. No, you can buy gold plated or diamond wristwatches. However, premium watches are from those who can afford them. 

While a gold-plated or diamond-studded wristwatch might be a luxury for the sheik or Dubai or Jeff Bezos, you too can stand out from the crowd with stainless steel wood watches. That’s right! The wristwatch industry has gone through radical innovation, and now multiple materials are used in manufacturing the most distinct wristwatches. 

If you are looking for a stainless steel wood watch but are unsure if you should buy one, this review will help. We have used a ton of stainless steel wood watches to break down their pros and cons. A wristwatch is more than just a time-telling device from an expert’s eye, but we have scrutinized stainless steel wood watches from a layman’s perspective. You will enjoy reading this review, and it will help you make up your mind about a perfect wristwatch. So without further delay, let’s get started! 

Stainless Steel Wood Watch Review – Should You Buy One? 

After surveys of hundreds of customers, we have found one thing in common. Every customer has a different opinion about stainless steel wood watches. Some consider them hazardous, while others are skeptical about their durability. 

This impacts buying decisions, and if you are here looking for more details, you are in the right place. 

Stainless Steel Wood Watches are More Durable

First of all, we will highlight that stainless steel wood watches are more durable than conventional wristwatches. This is because stainless steel wood watches are a fusion of two sturdy materials that complement each other. 

A wood watch alone isn’t as strong as combined with steel. This is because wood watches aren’t waterproof. Moreover, a wood watch will soak up your sweat and thicken in size. Therefore, stainless steel is used to prevent the wood from soaking up sweat or water. While stainless steel wood watches aren’t entirely waterproof, they can survive occasional splash and shower. 

Eco-Friendly and Beneficial

Stainless steel wood watches are eco-friendly. This is because the wood used in the manufacturing process isn’t cut from trees. Instead, it’s collected from scrape material furniture manufacturers discard in the ocean. So, we were surprised to find that stainless steel wood watches are playing their part to save our oceans. 

Regardless of their superhero ability to save the planet, stainless steel wood watches have many health benefits. Since wood is a natural element with healing ability, you can feel a difference in your energy levels after wearing a stainless steel wood watch. 

After using the blue and black solar series Chrono watch by Stuniii as our daily driver, we found ourselves more productive and filled with energy. The drive to achieve our goals became easier, but it isn’t magic, and the beneficial effects will take time to kick in. Plus, you won’t become superman/superwoman after earning a stainless steel wood watch. In fact, you will notice slight changes in your mood (in a good way). 

They Aren’t Susceptible to Heat

If you are a pro wood watch user thinking about shifting to stainless steel wood watches, you must be concerned about their ability to survive under extreme temperatures. After all, your wood watch might heat up under the sun, and it would leave rashes on your skin. 

However, stainless steel wood watches are slightly different thanks to the fusion between nature and modern technology. The stainless steel encasing the wood is an excellent conductor and absorbent of heat. Therefore, the wood encased between the steel won’t get warm. Plus, stainless steel has a reflective surface, so it won’t absorb much sunlight. Unless you are standing under the sun for a good 7 hours daily, you won’t have any problems with your stainless steel wood watch. 



What is a stainless steel wood watch



Your Watch Is Unique

Let’s talk about aesthetics. The stainless steel wood watch is marvelous craftsmanship with elegant design, gorgeous colors, and a mysterious look. After all, if you walk into a bar or an interview wearing a wristwatch encased in wood and stainless steel, you are bound to garner attention. 

This might become overwhelming at some point because our team was tired of answering questions about their exceptional taste in wristwatches. Moreover, your watch can be used as a family heirloom. Though we didn’t have enough time to test and write our stainless steel wood watch review to test the aging factor of stainless steel wood watches, we believe in scientific facts that confirm wood’s aging. 

Contrary to conventional wristwatches that adorn scratches and damage after a few years, your stainless steel wood watch will age gracefully with time. This is because wood tends to change color and its aroma, and you will be wearing a unique watch that you can keep as a gift for your grandchildren. 

If you haven’t found your soul mate yet, we won’t force you to fall for the person next to you. But if you ever think about a unique and breath-taking gift for your grandchildren, then a stainless steel wood watch is your way to go! 

Final Verdict

Everything about the stainless steel wood watches is excellent. However, there are a few downsides. The most apparent downside is that you can’t play extreme sports earing your stainless steel wood watch. Plus, these watches are sensitive to fall damage. However, you won’t have to worry about breaking your wristwatch when you throw it on your bed after a hard day at work. Instead, you can store your stainless steel wood watch in a wooden case that comes along with it. 

Stuniii is one of the leading designers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. Suppose you are interested in buying a unique watch that will leave a lasting impression. In that case, you can browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online




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