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Stainless Steel Wood Watch Survival Hacks - STUNIII
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Wristwatches are the best accessories you can wear. They are also gender-neutral, so both men and women can wear a classy wristwatch to a formal or a casual event. However, there is more to a stainless steel wood watch than meets the eye. Your stainless steel watch is hypo-allergic, and it’s a perfect combination of wood and steel that combines nature with modern technology. 

Though we always take our wristwatches for granted, they have a few amazing tricks up their sleeves. For instance, stainless steel wood watches can be used to tell direction, start a fire, or an emergency blade (if needed). In this blog post, we will share how stainless steel wood watch can help you survive in the wilderness! So keep reading to learn more!

Stainless Steel Wood Watch – Survival Hacks

When you go on a field trip or adventure in the woods, you always carry a compass, a firestarter, and other essentials to help you in dire situations. However, ever wonder what you would do if you lost all your gear? It’s a scary thought, but there are several cases where people have been stranded in the wilderness, turning their adventurous venture into a nightmare! 

In this situation, you would probably cry for help! But after reading this blog post, you will be self-sufficient in a dire situation if you have a stainless steel wood watch on your wrist! So without further delay, let’s get into the details of how your wristwatch can help you survive!

1. Your Stainless Wood Watch Can Become Your Compass

You would never think of this if you were trapped alone in an unknown place. But it’s true! Your stainless steel wood watch can easily turn into a compass. All you need to know is which hemisphere you are stranded in! Here is how to turn your stainless steel wood watch into a compass. 

  • Take out the batteries of your wood watch so that the hour and minute hands don’t move on their own.
  • Lay your stainless steel wood watch on a flat surface and observe the sun. 
  • Point the hour hand towards the sun. 

Northern Hemisphere

The point midway between the hour hand and the “12” on your wristwatch will be south, and its opposite will be north. 

Southern Hemisphere

The point midway between the hour hand and the “12” on your wristwatch will be north, and its opposite will be south. 

This way, you can tell where you are going and find your way back to safety. But all of the above-mentioned is possible if you have an analog watch.

2. Use Watch Components For Survival 

If you have a compass and need a small pin or a gear, you can dismantle your watch for all these components and more. You never know what you will need when you are stranded in an unknown place. Therefore, it’s best to treasure everything you have, including your stainless steel wood watch. You can use the small components of your watch to your benefit. You need to use force to dismantle your watch. So don’t put pressure on your hands. Instead, you a stick or a small piece of wood to pull out the back of your stainless steel wood watch. 



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3. Start a Fire  

Fire is your only friend if you are stranded in a forest or the desert. This is because fire serves as a shield against predators and warms your body- but all this information is obvious. What’s interesting is that you can make a fire with your stainless steel wood watch. By removing the glass on the front and using it as a magnifying glass, you can concentrate sunlight on the wood used to make your wristwatch. Once you ignite a spark, quickly cover it with shrubs and tree wood to keep the flames alive until the sun sets. 

4. Primitive Sun Dial 

It might seem silly to make a primitive sundial out of your stainless steel wood watch. However, when you are alone in the woods, you need to keep track of sunset and sunrise to find shelter and leave your shelter in time. Moreover, after you dismantle your stainless steel wood watch, it will probably stop working. So, take off its glass and bend the minute hand in a protruding angle. Plus, you need to know the longitude of the area you are visiting to make a sundial. So make sure you have that information with you when you leave! 

5. Make a Defense Weapon 

When you are lost like Danial Radcliffe in the movie “Jungle,” you need to defend yourself from lurking predators. Plus, you will need a sharp object to cut fruits off trees and skin fish (if you manage to catch any). The best way to make a sharp object out of your wristwatch is to break the glass of your stainless steel wood watch. Use the pointy areas of the glass to carve your meal and remove insects from your skin (if you have been infested)


There is a reason why people say that a wristwatch is a man’s prized possession. After reading the stainless steel wood watch survival hacks, you might appreciate your watch a little more! 

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