Stainless Steel Wood Watches - A Trend That Never Fades

Stainless Steel Wood Watches - A Trend That Never Fades - STUNIII
Watch made from wood and steel

The rule of thumb in the fashion industry is that trends have their time under the sun and then fade into obscurity. We have seen several Perms and baggy JNCO jeans enjoy the limelight but soon became a part of regularity. However, this hasn't been the case with stainless steel wood watches. They are the perfect accessory for men and women alike, expressing personality without being too loud or subdued. But how exactly are you supposed to wear them? 

While stainless steel wood watches don't come with a guide, this blog post will serve that purpose. We will share different styles of wearing a stainless steel wood watch and its trend.

Stainless Steel Wood Watch Trend

From casual to formal, stainless steel wood watches have every fashion style covered. Here are 5 styles of wearing a stainless steel wood watch and its trend.  

1. Everyday Style Elevated 

Having a put-together look is very important, especially for those who work in a professional setting. You don't want your outfit to look incomplete when you hang out with friends or go to the bar. 

To elevate your wardrobe and add a touch of class and character to your personality, pick a stainless steel wood watch that speaks to you. These watches are available in an assortment of colors, so you have a watch for every outfit.

Putting together your attire isn't easy with conventional watches because they are all more or less the same. However, your casual day at the beach or sitting at a bar will showcase you in an appealing way if you're wearing your watch. 

2. The Professional Look

Stainless steel wood watches are more than just a timepiece. They are a fashion statement that subtly extends your personality. If you are looking to add a bit of vigor to your workday, a stainless steel wood watch is what you need. To make your style speak for itself, don't go over the top with your watch.

Pick a minimalistic watch that leaves a subtle but lasting impression. Your choices are black sandalwood and walnut wood because of their texture and aroma. The dark wood will add extra shine to the stainless steel in your watch, elevating your work outfit. 

Whether it's a meeting with a new client or an interview, these watches are the perfect ice breaker for an awkward silence. Plus, wood watches age gracefully, so walnut and black sandalwood will develop a richer shine which puts most conventional watches to shame. 

3. Groomsmen Gift

Wedding preparations are extremely taxing, and you don't have time for yourself. Amidst the chaos, you have to find a fitting gift for the groom. You are looking for something that's neither too expensive nor cheap. 

Plus, it should fit the occasion and impress everyone around. If your search isn't highlighting worth buying, consider stainless steel wood watches. They are the perfect wedding gift because watches are a sign of maturity. Whether you're gifting a timepiece or wearing one, your personality and character will grow in others’ eyes. 

But you'll have to narrow down which stainless steel wood watch you should give as a gift. There are plenty of options, but dark wood is the best gift for the groom. This is because dark wood watches aren't too loud, plus they have a distinct woodsy aroma. 


Watch made from wood and steel


4. The Best Holiday Gift?

Watches have been the best gifts for men and women alike. They are simple, sober, classy, and affordable. However, most conventional watches are more or less the same. They have similar materials and colors. The lack of innovation in design has led customers to seek other alternatives. So how about a stainless steel wood watch? 

Festivals aren't limited to Christmas only. You can gift a stainless steel wood watch on Valentine's day, weddings, and birthdays. These watches are affordable, distinct, and of premium quality. You can take advantage of engraving services and imprint your loved ones name on the watch. This makes your gift all the more personalized, important, and jaw-dropping. 

5. Like a Boss Lady 

Men shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to wearing watches. So how can we forget the most precious and rare timepiece – a stainless steel wood watch? These watches are gender-neutral and can be worn on any occasion. The best part is that you'll find stainless steel wood watches in different colors. 

So you'll have a watch for every outfit. Matching your bag with an accessory becomes easier when you have a stainless steel wood watch. These watches have 2-3 different colors, such as steel color, wood color, and wood stripes. 

Adding another accessory layer with a stainless steel wood watch will lighten up every outfit. So, think about your most favorite dress when buying a stainless steel wood watch.

Frequently Asked Question About Stainless Steel Wood Watches  

Are watches made from real wood?

Yes, they are. The wood used in making stainless steel wood watches is sourced from all over the world. The primary criterion of stainless steel wood watches is that the wood should be highly sustainable. Meaning the plantation rate of the particular tree should be higher than its industrial usage. 

Are stainless steel wood watches waterproof?

No, stainless steel wood watches aren't completely waterproof. However, they are splash and rain resistant. 

How do I care for my stainless steel wood watch?

To prolong the life of your watch, here is what you can do. 

  • Avoid diving or swimming with your watch
  • Don't polish your watch 
  • Don't clean with alcohol or sanitizer 
  • Store it in the box when you are not wearing it. 

 If you are interested in buying one, you can check out Stuniii. 

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. We are also planning to add platinum wood watches to our collection. So, stay tuned to our website for more information. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.



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