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The Best Wristwatch Cases Money Can Buy 

If your precious wristwatch collection is costly, save yourself from spending more money because we are sharing our top watch cases that aren't expensive. These cases are durable, beautiful, and dust-proof so you can travel in luxury with your luxury wristwatches. 

1. WOLF 462504 Navigator

British original or perhaps just a Britain flag for design, we aren't sure. But we can wholeheartedly endorse this watch case's durability. It has a strong build and a sturdy body. It can sustain fall damage up to 5 feet and won't break apart so easily. It has an iconic jack lining and has storage space for 3 timepieces. Your watches will be well apart from one another, so you don't have to worry about scratches. The watch case might look small, but it has decent space. You can order this luxury watch case in your country's flag. This watch case has an Ultra suede lining and double snap closure for extra protection. 

2. Memento Mori Triple Watch Roll

Memento is the Louis Vuitton of watch rolls with elegant design, premium build quality, soft material, and durable casing. The Memento Mori comes in its iconic red color and a skull on its face. This case can hold up to 3 timepieces with decent space between all your watches. It's hand-crafted vegan leather with a secret jewelry capsule for those who travel with bling! 

It's a watch case for every occasion. You can take it without when you are traveling within the country. It can safely store your watch collection, and you'll have one watch for each tie of the day. You can also buy this watch case in black, but we'll recommend getting it in red.

3. Watchpod 

If you are into modern design and sleek look, you will love the watch pod. This watch case has two separate pods that safely store your wristwatches. However, you can only carry two watches at a time. But we can wholeheartedly endorse this case's safety. There is ample space between your watches, and movement won't cause your watches to clash. If you are traveling with your partner, this watch case is the best choice. But If you are traveling alone, you'll be carrying 3 watches with you, one that you are wearing and two inside the case. 

The watchpod comes in black color and smooth zipper. The best thing about the Watch pod is that it comes with 1 years warranty and a microfibre polishing cloth. 

4. Mini Watch Pouch

Mini watch pouches are designed to be stored in lockers and safety boxes at a hotel. A mini watch pouch is a miniature version of your travel pouch. It's cute and soft to touch. It's made from premium quality leather and has space for two watches. The only drawback of this watch case is that it has a leather divider that separates your watches and claims to be scratch-free.

However, as far as we know, anything brittle that touches your watch will leave scratch marks sooner or later. But we haven't come across any negative reviews online, but it makes one wonder, how does leather not scratch a wristwatch? Let's leave it to those who have bought this watch case. 

Wood Watch by Stunii

5.  Wooden Box 

What if you don't have to buy a separate watch case? What If you get a luxurious and durable watch case with your wristwatch? Wooden box by Stuniii is a complimentary travel and storage box by Stuniii. This watch case comes with the watch, so you don't have to buy it separately. Although it's a bit larger than the ones mentioned above, its wooden texture makes it worth the extra space. 

You'll get one wooden box with each wristwatch so you can carry them separately. Stuniii believes wristwatches are meant to be stored separately, and watch cases that store multiple watches in the same compartment will eventually lead to scratches. Stuniii makes the best stainless steel wood watches and takes good care of its products. That's why you get a wooden box with your purchase because stainless wood watches at Stuniii are special. 

The Bottom Line 

Watch cases have mixed opinions. Some watch enthusiasts don't prefer watch cases. Instead, they wrap their precious timepiece in a soft cloth and tuck it between clothes while traveling. The majority of watch owners believe keeping watches in a watch case will eventually cause scratches. After all, the fabric of the watch case has some effects on the watch. However, wooden boxes by Stuniii are an exception. Because these boxes have a soft interior and hard shell, your watches are safe. Plus, Stuniii gives an individual box with each wristwatch keeping them safe. If you are looking for a distinct stainless steel wood watch, you should check out Stuniii. 

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.



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