Tips on How to Match Your Watch With Your Outfit

Tips on How to Match Your Watch With Your Outfit - STUNIII
Match your outfit with your watch

Most men limit their jewelry preferences to just rings. This means a watch is an expression of a man's personality. The best wristwatches are versatile, sophisticated, and full of features. Knowing how to match your watch with your outfit is imperative for men. After all, a watch is the only accessory most men wear, making them more precious than a diamond ring. In this blog post, we will explain how to match your watch with your outfit for a complete look. So keep reading for more information. 

6 Tips for Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit 

Choosing the right watch for the right outfit can catapult your style from zero to hear. Find all the necessary tips here about matching your watch with your outfit. 

1. Right Watch For The Right Occasion 

It's imperative to wear a watch that matches the occasion. Avoid any style faux pas by matching your watch to the clothes you plan to wear to an event. Whether you are attending a formal event or running off to a meeting, a dress watch will add more character to your look. Moreover, a watch is the first thing someone notices about you. Wearing a dress watch to a formal event will complete your attire. 

2. Leather Strap or Metal Band?

Leather and metal bands are the only two options you'll find in most wristwatches. Other options include rubber and carbon fiber. While the former is not a band you should wear at a formal event, the latter is an expensive material. Choosing between leather and metal depends on your personal preference and the atmosphere of your event. While a leather band will complement a suit, it will collect sweat if the event is outdoors in summer. 

Sometimes, you have to choose your wristwatch more carefully than your outfit. Therefore, matching it with your clothes becomes difficult. Ideally, your wristwatch's color tone should be lighter than your outfit so that it's visible. But if you are attending an outdoor event during the day, you shouldn't wear a vibrant watch. This is because your watch will shine in the sun overwhelming the rest of the outfit.  

 On the other hand, metal won't do much good either. In this situation, it's best to wear a stainless steel wood watch. The wood in your wristwatch will absorb sweat without leaving any marks, while the stainless steel will shine in the sun. 

3. Match Your Dial Color With Your Outfit 

While the color of your watch band should match your outfit, you can be creative with the watch dial. A vibrant watch dial will add final touches to your outfit and stand apart from the rest of the colors of your attire. Black watches generally favor excellent readability, along with silver, but don't be afraid of going with different colors. 

You can wear a watch with a striking blue dial to compliment your blue jeans. Stick with a brown band to go with your khakis. Touches of red and orange add a sporty look to your outfit, even if the rest of your attire is dark. Wristwatches can send different signals to different people when they are paired with the right outfit. Don't be afraid to experiment with the dial because if the rest of your watch matches your outfit, the dial will add contrast. 

Wearing a stainless steel wood watch

4. Dressing Smart Casual

Dressing smart casual gives you a lot of room to accessorize your wristwatch. It's easier for men to find a wristwatch that matches their buttoned shirt tucked in smart casual trousers. However, the basic rule of wearing a dress watch with a smart casual look is to match your watch band with your belt. The dial can be a different color to add some contrast. 

The best way to match your outfit with your watch is to buy a stainless steel wood watch. These watches are a unique combination of stainless steel and wood. Matching colors or adding contrasts becomes seamless with these watches because they have 3 different colors: wood, steel, and dial. Pairing your outfit becomes easier when you have different color choices. 

5. Heirloom Watches Break All the Rules

Heirloom watches are considered good luck charms, and they are above any fashion statement. Wearing your grandfather's wristwatch is a sentimental gesture that goes beyond any dress code. Matching an heirloom watch is possible, but you'll have to change your approach. Instead of matching your watch with your outfit, you have to match your outfit with your watch. Therefore, you have to wear clothes that match your wristwatch and not the other way around. Make sure to add a bit of contrast to your outfit. Otherwise, it'll look drab or underwhelming. 

6. Matching Strap and Shoes 

When putting together their look, some men don't give much thought to shoes, and they'll wear what's in front of them. Not making a shoe selection consciously to match your outfit isn't ideal when you're dressing for a special occasion. Remember, you don't want to look the odd one out of the lot. So wear shoes that match with your belt and wristwatch strap. It's not mandatory to wear the same color. The shades of your shoes should match your wristwatch strap; that's all that matters. 

Even if you are going with a casual look, add a subtle touch of color psychology to your outfit. Wear a pink shirt with white trousers and a brown stainless steel wood watch with the same color belt and shoes. 


Matching your outfit with your wristwatch is easier said than done. Finding the perfect balance between bright and dark colors isn't easy unless you know what you are pairing with. Always pair the strap of your wristwatch with your belt and shoes. The dial can be different but don't go overboard. If you are looking for a unique wristwatch for a special event, you should check out Stuniii. 

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. We are also planning to add platinum wood watches to our collection. So, stay tuned to our website for more information. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online. 



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