What to Look for in a Wristwatch for Men

What to Look for in a Wristwatch for Men

A wristwatch is more than an accessory that tells time. Each wristwatch tells a story of exquisite craftsmanship. You might think that your smartphone can tell time as well, but a wristwatch is an extension of your personality. Wearing the right wristwatch with the right outfit can prove you love taking care of yourself and others. Moreover, wristwatches also show you are punctual and value time.

Choosing the right wristwatch that matches your style and body structure can sometimes be difficult for most men. With so many designs and styles to choose from, shopping for a wristwatch becomes more than looking for a timepiece. If you are facing difficulties finding the perfect wristwatch we are here to guide you. In this blog post, we will tell you what to look for in a men’s wristwatch. So, keep reading to discover your style.

You need to look into many factors when finding the best wristwatch for men. The various dial shapes and strap designs can often lead you to wonder which will suit your hand. Here is what you should look for in a men’s wristwatch.

1. Choose a Minimalistic Design

For your first wristwatch, you should always go for a minimalistic design. A simple and sophisticated watch goes well with any outfit and occasion. Moreover, you won’t feel information overload with multiple dials and extra features. On top of that, a minimalistic wristwatch design shows you’re a social person and not complicated to understand. So, if you want your wristwatch to be an excellent conversation starter, choose one that has fewer complicated dials.

2. Choose the Right Size

When choosing a wristwatch, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You should always keep proportion in mind because it helps in selecting a watch that will complement your style and hand-size. Moreover, men are often confused between dial shapes. An easy way to fix this problem is by putting on your wristwatch on a half sleeve t-shirt, so your entire hand is visible. Note whether the square is bigger than the width of your hand or not. If it’s out of proportion, you should choose a round dial instead.

3. Consider the Movement

There are many types of watch movements, but generally speaking, they fall under 2 categories.

a) Quartz movement

b) Mechanical movement

In quartz movement, the "seconds" hand circulates in a seamless motion without stopping. On the other hand, a mechanical movement circulates around the dial in a ticking movement. Choosing which style goes well with your outfits depends on you. However, the quartz movement is preferred with casual attire, and mechanical movement represents elegance. Therefore, it goes well on a suit.

4. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Losing track of money is easy when shopping for a men’s wristwatch, but going overboard is not an ideal approach. You should always shop within your budget to balance expenses and return on investment. The amount of pleasure you get from your wristwatch should be equal to the money spent. There are many affordable options when buying an original wristwatch that’s distinct and classy. Buying a wooden watch can be a budget choice that makes your taste in luxury different from others. So, keep money on your mind while looking for the best wristwatch for men.

5. Watch Complications

Your basic watch tells time, but other brands might offer additional features, like telling the date, temperature, and day of the week. These features might seem attractive to some people, but information overload to others.

If you buy your first wristwatch, always choose one that’s minimalistic. You won’t be able to handle the information clutter, and looking at the time might become challenging. Moreover, as you become more familiar with wristwatches, you will learn about the top brands that offer amazing watches at affordable rates.

6. Follow Others

While all fashion advice is tailored to making you independent and following your own style, the wristwatch industry is a bit different. Before setting your own style, you should follow others first. Wristwatches are excellent for signifying your personality and financial position. You might follow a famous person’s style; you can easily give a nod to your style inspiration by wearing a wristwatch that’s similar to the one they wear.

However, wearing something unique is better than being creative with pre-existing brands. Therefore, buying a wooden watch may justify your purchase by saying you feel responsible for your carbon footprint.


With the rise in smartphone sales, wristwatches are becoming obsolete. However, an exquisite wristwatch is more than a timepiece. It reflects your personality and presents your fashion sense to the viewers. Moreover, a wooden wristwatch is distinct and a great ice-breaker. You can expect people to question your choice, which will allow you to invite them to your world.

From there, you can take the conversation where ever you like. Many sales personal wear wristwatches to strike an impressive conversation that helps them win big contracts. If you are looking to stand apart from the competition and leave your impression on others, try Stuniii’s stainless steel wooden wristwatches.

All stainless steel wooden wristwatches at Stuniii’s are original, handmade, and free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, your wooden wristwatch will perfectly age over time and look more attractive as it grows old.

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