What Your Cologne Says About Your Personality

What Your Cologne Says About Your Personality - STUNIII

Several traits contribute to your overall personality, including how you speak, the way you walk, what you wear, what movies and songs you like, and how you interact with others, to name a few. However, most people are unaware of the link between their fragrance and personality. That’s right! Your choice of cologne says a lot about you.

On the surface, colognes are merely a fusion of essential oils, alcohol, and water. However, on a much deeper level, they’re a silent partner that accompanies us wherever we go and have become an essential aspect of our character expression.

Moreover, since fragrance has become an essential part of our attire, the scents we choose are deeply intertwined in our memory. Hence, choosing the right product has become overwhelming given the abundance of options in the market.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll share what your cologne says about your personality so you can choose and organize your fragrance collection according to the occasion or situation.


7 Things Your Cologne Says About Your Personality

1. Citrus Lovers Are Morning People

There’s more to a morning person than someone who gets up early. Morning people are often characterized as energetic, influential, dominant, and in some cases, aggressive (not always in a bad way). Men who wear citrus fragrances are natural leaders and go-getters. More importantly, they spread positive vibes wherever they go, making them attractive and fun to be around.

2. Leathery and Woody Scent Wearers are Calm

People who love to wear leathery or woody scents are generally calm, old-fashioned, and down to earth. They’re mostly professionals in their late 30s or 40s, meaning they’re quite mature and sensible. These scents have been around since the 1940s, considered to have a powerful character, elegant nature, and minimalist lifestyles.

3. Vanilla Lovers Are Fun Extroverts

Unlike vanilla ice cream, which many people consider bland or basic, vanilla colognes are the opposite. Vanilla lovers are highly energetic, charismatic, fun-loving people that enjoy socializing and interacting with others. They’re always open to making new friends and expanding their networks due to their extroverted nature.

Vanilla may smell sweet and feel comforting. However, in the world of fragrances, it is one of the most exciting and sought-out flavors. Another benefit vanilla offers is that it improves the wearer's mood significantly and calms their stress and anxiety. This, in return, rejuvenates them and boosts their confidence.

4. Hedione Seekers Are Hedonists 

Hedione is one of the most popular ingredients found in modern colognes. It is a synthetic jasmine substitute with a stronger floral scent, making it a great addition to men’s fragrances. People who generally wear this are either sexually intimidated or hedonists (pleasure seekers). Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a sign of weakness or embarrassment. These scents are designed to foster a healthy sex life, so most people wear them to dates, parties, bars, and casual events.

5. Fruity Fragrance Wearers are Gemini

Fruity fragrance wearers are incredibly versatile in terms of personalities. However, research suggests that they’re incredibly moody and are just as spicy as they’re sweet. Thus, you can expect them to be cranky, easily irritable, and often view the glass as half-empty. However, they’re known to be sarcastic and have a cynical sense of humor.

On the flip side, some fruity fragrance wearers are party souls that want nothing more but to have a great time and live life to the fullest. These people have no problem standing out from the crowd and are satisfied with their lives. They enjoy daytime events, wear colorful clothes, and don’t shy away from giving their opinion on matters.

6. Sandalwood Lovers Are Perfectionists

Sandalwood wood is one of the most sought-out cologne ingredients in the market due to its soft, warm, and creamy aroma and its therapeutic benefits. If you’re unfamiliar with sandalwood, you can check out incense sticks which are quite popular in the Indian Subcontinent during religious festivals.

Due to its roots, research suggests that people who wear sandalwood are generally high achievers and perfectionists. They have a type-A personality which makes them incredibly competitive in their academia, careers, and personal lives. They’re also quite self-critical and can be overly aggressive, especially when faced with physical or negative remarks.

So, if you gravitate towards sandalwood, you probably keep a small but highly intellectual social circle. You’re not overly fond of parties or an outgoing lifestyle. However, this makes you more hardworking, determined, compassionate, and resilient in everything you do.

7. Aquatic Fragrance Lovers Are Easy-Going

If you’re someone who comes around smelling like the ocean breeze, people can easily characterize you as an easygoing person who loves having fun. Men who wear this fragrance love hot summers and are highly active, whether it’s through a regular exercise regimen or playing soccer or volleyball at the beach. Thus, they want to smell good after all the physical exhaustion.

However, they typically steer from fruity and floral fragrances and want something natural with a certain amount of saltiness due to their perception of masculinity. Aquatic notes generally include jasmine water, lemons, hyacinth, carnation, and narcissus, to name a few.


Your cologne choices depict your personality more than you can imagine. By focusing on the tiny details, you can learn a lot about yourself and perhaps use the information above to strategize and control your perception. Of course, what your cologne says about your personality might not always be true. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and switch your fragrance as you evolve.

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