Why a Wristwatch Is An Important Accessory For Men

Why a Wristwatch Is An Important Accessory For Men

In recent years, wristwatches haven’t received the kind of attention they deserve. Millennials believe that they don’t need a wristwatch because their smartphone can tell time. However, a wristwatch is more than a time-telling accessory; it’s a style statement that defines your personality. In this blog post, we will share 10 reasons why wristwatches are important for men.

Wearing a wristwatch is the most important addition to your attire, and it’s one of the most important things a man can do for himself. Below are 10 powerful reasons why every man should wear a wristwatch.

1. Wrist Watches Are Style Statement for Men

Many people believe that wristwatches are old-fashioned, and there is no need for them in the 21st century. However, your wristwatch completes your charm and adds a flair to your personality. Studies have shown that women are attracted to men who wear wristwatches. Moreover, a wristwatch adds to your uniqueness and flourishes your sophisticated side.

2. They Can Tell More Than Just Time

Those who know the worth of a branded wristwatch understand what this accessory is meant for. Most people judge your social standing and fashion sense by looking at your wristwatch.

3. It’s the Easiest Accessory for Men

Men don’t like to complicate their lives. Hence, their accessories are simple, sophisticated, and minimalistic. A wristwatch is the easiest accessory you can match with your outfit and leave a lasting impression on others. Moreover, a wooden wristwatch can drastically improve your personality and reflect your character as mysterious and deep.

4. Wrist Watches Are An Incredible Investment

Aside from other accessories, like a bow tie, scarf, and pocket square, a wristwatch is an investment for the future. This accessory appreciates over time, and if you possess a timeless classic, you can expect prices to increase up to 30%. Wooden watches age perfectly and look different with the passage of time. A wooden wristwatch can increase up to 40% in value if you possess a limited edition that’s out of stock.

5. Wrist Watches Are Versatile

Nobody buys a watch to wear it once. You buy a watch for today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future. Unlike other fashion accessories, wristwatches are highly versatile. You can choose from classic stainless steel watches to wooden wristwatches.

Moreover, some smartwatches can connect with your cell phone and even fitness watches. On top of that, you can also change the straps of your wristwatch to match your outfit. All these distinct functions make wristwatches the best accessory for men.

6. Watches Embody Craftsmanship

A wristwatch is the reflection of its craftsman’s personality. Every element embedded in your wristwatch design is an extension of the craftsman’s persona, and it reflects how you connect with that person. Wristwatches are not just a bunch of mechanisms working together to serve the purpose of telling time; it’s a story of tradition and history. So, every time you put on your wristwatch, you are carrying a piece of art and embodying exquisite craftsmanship.

7. It Helps You Keep Your Priorities In Check

Time is a luxury no one can afford to lose, and having it wrapped around your wrist makes you vigilant. Instead of opening your phone every time to check whether you are late for a meeting, your wristwatch is an easy flick of the wrist. Moreover, a wristwatch can keep you goal-oriented.

As you build the habit of checking time through the smartphone, you might indulge yourself in checking other things as well. A wristwatch can keep your head straight and focused on what matters. So, checking time won’t become an excuse to pick up your phone.

8. An Exquisite Wrist Watch Signifies Adult Hood

With time, you will start receiving wristwatches as a gift because people will believe you value time. It signifies adulthood. Wearing a watch shows you have matured well, and punctuality is your second nature. Moreover, wearing a wooden wrist watch increases your personality dominance because a rustic wood’s smell and look shows your inner self’s strength.

9. Its 100 Times Better Than A Smart Watch

Wristwatches are classy and sophisticated, whereas a smartwatch seems too techy for a mature person. Smartwatches are accompanied by tons of helpful features, such as a heart rate monitor and calling services. However, it’s like an extension of your smartphone wrapped around your wrist. If you want to step away from technology for a while and indulge in expert craftsmanship, you should buy a wooden wristwatch. It’s all-natural, eco-friendly, and age’s well with time.

10. It Connects You to the Greatest Men in History

Wristwatches are like a portal in time that can connect you with the greatest men that ever lived. Every famous or successful person wears a wristwatch, Buzz Aldrin wore one during the Apollo 11 mission, and Martin Luther King Jr. wore one when he met with President Johnson. Great men still wear wristwatches to show that their style is timeless, and wearing a classic wristwatch is a nod to this tradition.

The invention of the smartphone does not mean that men should stop wearing wristwatches. Instead, it’s the best time to pick a quality watch with a stylish design to stand apart from others. At Stuniii, you can find an exquisite collection of wooden watches that are timeless and breathtaking to look at. Moreover, they even have a blend of wood with metal to create the perfect wristwatch that’s part-nature and part-innovation! So, check out their wooden wrist watches now and show your sophisticated side.

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