Why Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches So Popular?

Why Are Stainless Steel Wood Watches So Popular? - STUNIII
Stainless Steel Wood Watches


There are plenty of materials used in making wristwatches, but the most popular choice among manufacturers is stainless steel. Recent innovations in the wristwatch industry have led to the creation of stainless steel wood watches that combine two of the most durable and affordable materials.


These watches are unique timepieces that can be used as family heirlooms because they age gracefully. But that's not all, stainless steel wood watches are solar-powered, and they don't get as hot as conventional steel watches under the sun. So without further delay, let's understand why stainless steel wood watches are so popular.


The History of Stainless Steel Wood Watches

James Borden made the first wood watch in 1980 because he had no access to metal at that time. It was one of the rarest watches of his era and received little to no attention because consumers weren't interested in wearing wood.


However, due to innovative marketing techniques and digitalization, the consumer market became aware of the benefits hidden in wood, and this innovative product got the attention it deserved. But what about stainless steel wood watches? Stuniii introduced them because wood and steel watches were becoming mainstream.


Everyone had one on their wrists, and the market was dying until Stuniii combined these two precious materials and created a marvelous stainless steel wood watch!


Stainless Steel Wood Watches – Why Are They So Popular?

Besides stainless steel and wood, the wristwatch industry went through innovations that captured the market. Here is a list of all the reasons for their popularity.


Low Cost and Little Impact on the Environment 

It's a practical material with several uses because of its reusability and low cost. Steel alloy is used in ships, weapons, household appliances, and automobiles. This is because steel is a combination of iron and carbon, and it's more durable.


Plus, steel has high tensile strength. However, the reason for steel being so popular is because it has a low cost of manufacturing and it's lightweight. Steel alloy has a small impact on the environment which can be reversed without spending too much money. Therefore, many top wristwatch brands use this material.


They Are Budget-Friendly

Since the manufacturing cost of stainless steel wood watches is relatively low, their price tags aren't touching the sky either. As a result, stainless steel wood watches have a higher acceptance rate. But these watches aren't water-friendly because the wooden part absorbs all the water and swells up. Nevertheless, there are diver watches for this reason. The wood watch market is gradually improving, so a solution might pop-up sooner than later.

They Are Trendy

Stainless steel wood watches have a strong impact on the viewer. After all, these watches have a distinct aroma and a unique look. Plus, these watches go well with every outfit and fit every occasion. Stainless steel wood watches are also used as gifts at wedding ceremonies, birthdays and anniversaries because they can be personalized by engraving names.


But their trendy attribute comes from their color. Wood isn't just plain brown. It comes in different colors, and when paired with steel, it gives an excellent contrast. Some types of wood are red, and others are cherry brown. Their distinct characteristics define their color.

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These Watches Change Color

Stainless steel wood watches aren't like your smartwatches because their bands can't be replaced. Plus, wearing a smartwatch is like being tied to your cell phone whereas, stainless steel wood watches connect you with nature. But these differences aside, they have one thing in common – they change color.


While smartwatches require you to pay extra for a watch band, stainless steel wood watches naturally change color as the wood ages. Your red stainless steel wood watch will turn dark brown over the years, portraying all the good and bad times you were together! This natural ability of wood makes these watches an excellent family heirloom!


Highly Sustainable and Weather-Proof

A secret trait about stainless steel wood watches is that these timepieces are highly sustainable and weather-proof. Since wood is a resource we can produce, stainless steel wood watch manufacturers always plant more trees than they chop down. This keeps a balance between the supply and demand of wood, plus the environment has sufficient trees to sustain wildlife and protect our planet.


In addition to being sustainable, stainless steel wood is also weather-proof because these watches are splash resistant. Plus, wood absorbs hot and cold temperatures, so your wrist would neither burn nor freeze during extreme temperatures.


They Have a Unique Design

 Stainless steel wood watches have a more sophisticated and unique design than platinum or diamond-studded watches. Plus, stainless steel wood watches are affordable as well. In addition to their sophisticated design, stainless steel wood watches are hypoallergenic. This means you won't have an allergic reaction after wearing these watches if you are allergic to certain types of metals.


Final Thoughts

 The fame of stainless steel wood watches lies in their design, durability, materials, and market acceptance. These watches are rare and precious timepieces. But they aren't delicate and don't break apart as you might expect. Since stainless steel and wood sit perfectly well when combined, they deliver a balance of modernization and nature wrapped around your wrist. If you are looking for stainless steel wood watches, you can try Stuniii.


Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online. 

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