Why Choose Wood for Your Watch?

Why Choose Wood for Your Watch? - STUNIII

In recent years we have been paying tremendous attention to saving the environment. Large-scale manufacturing plants and production houses are controlling their carbon emission. Many plastic products are being replaced with alternatives.

Our planet is slowly but surely moving towards a green solution. People are moving away from grid energy and adopting solar power. But what about other products that are harmful to the environment – including our wristwatches.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about wood, and we will share them in this blog post. So keep reading till the end to learn how wearing a stainless steel wood watches can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Wood?

Wood is a natural element that’s found all around us. But the most effective and beneficial property of wood is that it can be restored. With that said, let’s get into our topic.

Wood Equals Zero Waste

The top reason to think wood is because none of it goes to waste. Thanks to technological advancements and innovative solutions, businesses utilize every fiber of the forest without letting anything go to waste.

Most of the wood is used in making furniture. The part that’s left is turned into different wood products, such as our stainless steel wood watches. On top of that, wood is also being used in energy production.

  • The bark is used as a landscaping material.
  • We use sawdust wood at local farms or as a source of warmth through the burning.
  • Rough woodcuts are used in building materials
  • Leftover wood is used for building furniture

, with all that wood being used worldwide. What if we run out of it?

Well, In Latvia, forest covers more than 50% of the country’s land. Our planet’s 31% land is covered with forest. But that doesn’t mean we should exploit this wonderful resource and let our planet die, right? So what happens when businesses cut down trees?

Wood is Renewable

Wood is the only renewable raw material, meaning its production and growth are in our hands. Responsible use of wood ensures that more trees are planted than cut down. This ensures our planet’s safety and clean air for everyone. However, some companies are yet to become responsible. Nevertheless, a change is coming, and it starts with you.

Wood Lasts Longer

Wood can replace other construction materials due to its durability and longevity. Relative to its weight, wood is stronger than plastic and other materials. Wood can easily be used in construction, and environmentally aware homeowners are taking this initiative.

Unlike plastic, wood and its other engineered forms can be re-used through refinishing. This means less wood is utilized compared to other materials like steel, iron, and plastic. Those who value our planet and care about the environment restore their timber furniture instead of buying new ones. Similarly, wearing a wood watch reduces carbon emission, and it’s considered an environment-friendly step.

Wood as your primary source of material requires less maintenance. For instance, stainless steel watches need to be polished to maintain their shine and luster. On the contrary, wood watches age gracefully and look more appealing through the test of time. This is an added benefit of switching to wood besides being environmentally aware.


Wood is Excellent For Climate

Wood is better for the climate, and contrary to popular belief, wood products retain their ability to absorb carbon. For instance, wearing a stainless steel wood watch absorbs carbon in your surroundings and on your skin. Moreover, when wooden products reach their service life, they can be refinished to bring them back to life.

Alternatively, wood can be burned to produce heat. Unlike coal, gas, and other flammable raw materials, wood produces clean energy because it releases the solar energy trapped within it. As a result, the environment sustains less damage.

But this doesn’t mean we should start burning wood as soon as possible. Instead, our efforts should be focused on planting more trees than we cut. Only then can we keep air pollution at its minimum.

Wood Has Excellent Fire Performance

Contrary to popular belief, wood is better at controlling fire temperature. That is why we use wood to start campfires, not coal. The primary reason for this is wood’s natural defense mechanism. When wood is burned, it creates a layer of charcoal that traps heat. The remaining wood beneath the charcoal remains free from fire. As a result, wood burns longer. Steam engine trains used wood to insulate their boilers. This is because wood produces more energy and burns slowly compared to other materials.

Wood Requires Less Energy For Manufacturing

Wood requires considerably less energy per unit volume compared to other materials like concrete and steel. As a result, air pollution is minimized during the manufacturing process of wood.

Wood is the only raw material that’s based on renewable sources of energy. In fact, most of the energy requirements for the manufacturing of wood are collected from its by-products like tree bark. Similarly, in the production of basic wood for construction purposes, more energy is produced than utilized.

Wood is Good for Health

Being surrounded by wooden materials is good for health. The effects of being surrounded by wooden furniture are similar to being close to nature. Wood creates a positive environment, and most beliefs, wood is a source of increasing spirituality.


The Final Verdict

The all-natural and renewable raw material – wood is an excellent way to create a positive vibe in your home. Wearing wood as a watch has several benefits. If you are looking for stainless steel wood watches, look no further. Stuniii has a vast collection of stainless steel wood watches for your taste.

Stuniii is one of the leading makers of stainless steel wood watches. We use premium quality material in designing our products. If you are interested in buying a unique watch that leaves a lasting impression, browse our collection of some of the finest stainless steel wood watches online.

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