Why Watches Are Worn on the Left Hand

Why Watches Are Worn on the Left Hand

If you bought your first wristwatch and the watch salesperson made you try it on your left hand, you might be wondering, “why wristwatches are worn on the left hand.” While some might say that’s just how it is, there is a meaning behind it.

Wristwatches provide both style and functionality, but it’s the former that most people gravitate towards. They tend to wear a watch as a style statement. Many people wear wristwatches on their left hand, and you might have seen a few wearing them on their right hand. There are various reasons for people to choose either hand, but a few reasons mentioned below will help you understand why watches are worn on the left hand.

Wearing a watch is an individual thing; everybody has different preferences regarding the best way to sport a timepiece. However, the easiest answer is that wristwatches are never worn on the dominant hand. That is why right-hand dominant people wear a watch on the left-hand and vice versa. But what’s the science behind it?

Sporting a timepiece on your dominant hand can cause a lot of problems at work. Since the dominant hand is used for most tasks like a handshake, opening the door, and holding heavy things, a watch might interfere with your grip. Moreover, it’s challenging to use a computer with a wristwatch because we often use the keyboard and the mouse with our dominant hand.

If your wristwatch is wrapped around your dominant hand, you might face difficulties accomplishing your daily tasks. Since we use our dominant hand while driving and opening the car door, you might not find a chance to flick your wrist and check the time. Eating food and throwing the ball might also have you thinking about damaging your priceless timepiece. Moreover, our dominant hand often accomplishes most of our days’ work, so wear and tear might show up sooner on your watch if you wear it on your dominant hand.

Wristwatches are not just for men. They are a gender-neutral accessory and have no age limit. You might notice both high school students and business owners wearing wristwatches. The only thing common between them is that they both wear a watch in their less dominant hand. Since high school students have to write on paper for most of their day, a wristwatch might cause bumps and prevent them from finishing their exams on time.

Back in the day, men used to carry pocket watches until the early ‘20s where watches became popular because of their use in war. However, these watches were bulky, and only police officers carried them in custom leather pouches strapped around their wrists. This was crucial because watches had huge balancing wheels and were fragile. Therefore, police officers were recommended to keep watches in their less dominant hand to protect its chronograph.

Since watches became popular due to their use in the military, the fashion industry didn’t deviate far from it. This gave rise to the style statement of wearing watches on the left hand because that’s how army officers use to wear. However, there is a logical explanation for this.

Since wars result in physical and ranged combat, there are high chances of damaging wristwatches during batter. Soldiers used to wear watches in their left hand because their less dominant hand would merely re-load their weapon while the other hand would be engaged in combat. Moreover, throwing grenades and piloting aircraft often required the dominant hand to put in the effort; hence, the trend of wearing wristwatches on the left hand was established.

One of the most common reasons for wearing a wristwatch in the left hand is that it’s hard to navigate it with your less dominant hand. If you wear your wristwatch in the right hand, you will have to operate it with the left hand and vice versa. Therefore, to make their use easy, wristwatches were worn on the less dominant hand. This practice became reasonable when smartwatches were introduced. Can you image scrolling a small touch screen with your less dominant hand?

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