Why You Shouldn't Wear Your Watch in Shower

Why You Shouldn't Wear Your Watch in Shower - STUNIII
Wearing Wristwatch in Shower


From wearing your wristwatch to work to carrying it with you on a desert safari, our beautiful timepieces can survive anything. After all, wristwatches are water and dust-proof, so there is no stopping you from taking your gorgeous timepiece with you in the shower or on a field trip – right? 

Well, your manufacturer might disagree on taking a shower with your wristwatch, and there are several reasons for it, and that’s why you need to rinse your mind clean of the idea of taking your wristwatch for the shower. 

Why You Shouldn't Shower With Your Wristwatch 

Life is too short of taking off your wristwatch when you are tired from work. So why not take a shower with it? After all, it's expensive and waterproof. Well, it might say that your wristwatch is waterproof, but it isn't chemical proof. We'll get into the dangers of showering with your wristwatch below. So keep reading. 

1. Chemicals from Shampoo 

If you are going for a quick rinse and don't feel like taking off your wristwatch, you are making a grave mistake. An expensive wristwatch might be waterproof, but it isn't chemical-proof. The ingredients used in shampoo might be harmful to your wristwatch. When wearing a stainless steel wood watch, you shouldn't think about bathing with it. 

The chemical in the shampoo can ruin the texture of wood in your stainless steel wood watch. Moreover, water droplets from the shower are small, so they can easily find their way inside a waterproof wristwatch. This is because a diver wristwatch can survive dormant water. However, if the water is dripping from a shower, it can penetrate all defenses and destroy your expensive wristwatch. 

2. It's Waterproof But No Water Repellant 

These days most wristwatches are waterproof and can survive as deep as 4000 feet underwater. But at some point, the glass casing on your wristwatch will crack under pressure. You might be thinking that your shower isn't 4000 feet underwater, so why can't I bathe with my wristwatch. This is because the water freefalling from the shower can exert enough pressure to crack the glass on your wristwatch. 

Instead of experimenting with your expensive wristwatch, you should spare 2-3 seconds in your life and take it off before hitting the shower. Moreover, if your wristwatch is not tightly wrapped on your wrist, it might slip and fall on the concrete floor. 

3. Are You Sure Water Resistance Rating Is Correct?

Cheap wristwatch manufacturers don't care about their brand image or recurring buyers. They will try every sales trick in the book to sell their product. So much so, they will sell a $30 wristwatch claiming it's waterproof. I am sure you won't ask for a certificate of authenticity for a $30 watch. With that said, it puts the water resistance rating to the question. 

After all, you bought a $30 wristwatch from the curbside because it looked mint and expensive. However, you shouldn't put it to the test if you think your purchase is one of a kind. Since water resistance ratings are sometimes overstated even by popular brands, you cannot trust a wristwatch you bought from the curbside. 



 Wristwatch in water



4. Water Resistance Rating Drops Over Time 

After a few years of wear and tear, your wristwatch might lose its water resistance rating. Air humidity, dust, and other environmental factors have a significant impact on the life of your wristwatch. With time, you will notice that your wristwatch isn't as shiny as it used to be. This is a sign that its water-resistance capabilities are as good as what you read on the back of the box. 

However, if your wristwatch is still working, there is no need to switch to a new brand. But it's best to keep it away from water if you want your wristwatch to live another 4 years. The daily aggression of life damage your favorite timepiece, and your watch loses its strength to keep water at bay. The gaskets lose their ability to contract, and the screwer has difficulty popping back into its place. These are all vital parts of your wristwatch tightly packed together to keep your wristwatch from absorbing water. 

5. You Will Damage The Wooden Band of Your Stainless Steel Wood Watch

If you prefer luxury and have an exquisite taste in wristwatches, you probably own a unique stainless steel wood watch. These watches are strong, classy, stunning, and mysterious. After all, stainless steel with wood infused can blow away even a million-dollar wristwatch because of its unique material. 

However, if you think that all these powerful adjectives will save your stainless steel wood watches from the wrath of the shower and chemical soaps, think again. After all, wood is not industructible, and it won't react well if you put it under freefalling water. It's best to take off your stainless steel wood watch if you are heading into the shower. 

Wrapping it Up 

Everything in this world is a responsibility. If you lived half of your life thinking that you aren't responsible for your wristwatch, then think again. All wristwatches that claim to be waterproof aren't showerproof, especially when you rub soap or shampoo on them. Stainless steel loses its shine, and wood tends to absorb water. So, keep your wristwatch away from the shower at all costs. 

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