Wood vs. Steel: Which Material Is Best for Wristwatches

Wood vs. Steel: Which Material Is Best for Wristwatches

For centuries, steel watches have been the number one choice for wristwatch enthusiasts. Now that the world has many unique materials to work with, different wristwatches have made their way into our lives. However, today, we are looking at the difference between a wooden watch and steel.

Steel watch market has undergone a tremendous transformation, and you can even find smartwatches made from steel. However, according to The New York Times, wearing smartwatches could be as bad as smoking cigarette. With the rising adverse health effects of most common accessories, there are plenty of safer substitutes becoming available in the market.

For many years people have been looking for a perfect wristwatch that doesn't cost much and looks unique. Of course, the only point of differentiation in the wristwatch industry is the product’s distinctive nature. You can find wrist watches incorporating space materials to using the darkest black. However, when it comes to premium quality and affordable prices, nothing beats a classic wooden watch. Here are some of the differences between wooden and steel watches to help you decide which is the best material.

1. Lightweight

One of the things that make a wristwatch stand apart is its weight. Carrying a heavy watch on your wrist throughout the day can become frustrating. You can expect a steel watch to weigh you down, but a wooden watch is relatively lighter. Moreover, wood doesn't leave skin marks unlike a tight steel watch. You can also expect wooden watches to be more comfortable, because the feel of a wooden watch is much better over steel.

2. Durability Over Time

Wristwatches are your one-time purchase. People tend to use an expensive wristwatch for 3 to 5 years. Ideally, an expensive wristwatch should last you more than 5 years. However, you can't expect a steel watch to look good after such a long time. Due to the chemicals used on a steel watch to prevent it from damages, the first few years might seem great. However, wear and tear marks start to show up in the long run.

When it comes to wooden watches, you can use them as family heirlooms. Wood ages well over time, and with more years on the clock, your wristwatch will look more appealing. Moreover, a wooden watch looks something out of a movie, and time gives an eccentric appeal to wood that makes it look fantastic.

3. Unique and Classy

A steel watch might check all the boxes for a classy look, but it definitely doesn't look unique. Most steel watches are redundant, and every new model is slightly different from the previous one. You will find greater functionality in steel watches. However, don’t expect the design to take a 360-degree turn, because manufacturers are limited to one material.

In the case of wooden watches, the manufacturer can use interesting combinations of materials. From a classic black wood to a rusty oak tree style, you can choose your favorite piece and wear it on your wrist. Moreover, a wooden watch includes all the functionalities you can find in a steel watch, making it more attractive than a traditional watch. You can also expect your wooden watch to be a show stopper because it’s something out-of-the-box since wooden watches are also made in combination with steel.

4. An Excellent Ice-breaker

Men's wristwatches are usually a topic of conversation among sophisticated people. However, how long can you talk about your steel watch? A wooden watch can steal the show and have everyone wondering over your taste in wearable accessories. Moreover, watches leave an excellent impression during an interview or a meeting.

If you think you will run out of topics to talk about in a professional encounter or need something to attract the other person, a wooden watch can do the trick. Wear your wooden watch to an interview, and you will be definitely asked about it. You can express your affection towards nature and win others’ hearts through your distinct taste and sophisticated personality.

5. An Eco-Friendly Choice

Wooden watches are the best way to show you are responsible global citizen and care about the environment. Since wood is a natural material, this watch will surely make people curious. You can lead the conversation and turn it into an educated discussion by sharing that recycled materials are used to make wooden watches.

Moreover, a wooden watch is an eco-friendly choice because it requires less labor and energy and is free from chemicals. These features will positively impact other people and show how much you care about reducing carbon footprint.

While many people still prefer wearing a steel watch, you can exclude yourself from making boring choices. With the wide variety of wooden watches at Stuniii, you can choose one that reflects your personality. There are different color options to choose as well, and all of these colors are natural without any industrialized chemicals. Thanks to wood’s versatility, Stuniii has crafted some of the best wooden watches for its customers, and you can select any of their top trending items. Moreover, you will get a 30-day refund policy. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Stuniii wearable wood watches and reinvent your style now!

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