Wood Watches for Different Occasions: 6 Style Tips

Wood Watches for Different Occasions: 6 Style Tips - STUNIII
Why is wearing a wristwatch important


So many watches, and so many occasions. It can get hard sometimes to navigate the overwhelming number of combinations between timepieces and social situations.

Watches are a window to your personality, and it’s the first thing people notice about you. So you need to wear the right watch on the right occasion, and we are here to help you. With this watch guide, we hope you understand the importance of wearing the right watch and learn how to match your wristwatch to your clothes

Why Is Wearing A Wristwatch Important

Most millennials argue over the importance of wearing a wristwatch. They believe that smartphones are enough to tell time. However, only a few understand that a wristwatch reflects their personality and has matured to become more than an accessory that tells time. While a smartphone might do more than just tell time, a wristwatch can leave a lasting impression that is both sophisticated and professional. 

Matching Your Watch with Your Outfit 

A wristwatch carries your entire look. If you wear a casual watch over a suit, you won’t catch as much attention as a wood wristwatch resting on your wrist. Since wood watches are all-natural and can look phenomenal with any outfit, you can wear them on any occasion. But if you are looking to spice things up and match the social situation, here is how you can pair your outfit with your wristwatch. 

1. Bold and Mature 

If you wear tucked in shirts with khakis, you need a watch that can match your look. Wearing a leather band wristwatch with a minimalistic design can complete your look. Leather band wristwatches are the neutral ground between dressing professionally and not so professional. A leather band wristwatch also looks good on suits and formal events, but other kinds of wristwatches can look even better on a formal look. 

2. Formal Look 

Dressing to impress your employer or getting ready for a formal event, match your wristwatch to the color of your tie, and you will look complete. This is because an out of color tie can seem lonely and doesn’t rhyme with anything you are wearing. Wristwatches are best at complimenting your overall look and help you look different even in the most common colors. For instance, paring The Simulty wooden wristwatch from Stuniii with a black suit can create a perfect balance of contrast. 

3. Casual Look 

Who says casual Fridays have to be without a wristwatch? You can impress people at work or friends at the bar with your taste in wooden wristwatches. Wearing The Effen Zebrawood watch will tie your entire outfit together. The best colors that go with a Zebrawood watch are white, black, brown, yellow and, blue. These are strong colors that can rhyme with the zebra stripes on your wooden wristwatch and complete your style statement. 

4. The Date Look 

It can be hard finding the right outfit for a date. You might be wondering what to wear and whatnot, the confusion will get to you, and you will wear something un-appealing. Looks matter a lot on first impressions, and you need to get things right. If you are looking to wear a watch that can kick start a conversation, you should wear a wood watch. Aside from its unique look and mesmerizing natural aroma, a wooden wristwatch can look beautiful lying on your wrist. Moreover, wristwatches reflect your personality, and the deeper your personality seems on a date, the more attracted the opposite gender will be. 

5. Friday Night Out Look 

If you are dressing for Friday night with friends, you need to wear what matches the occasion. Most Friday nights are spent at the bar, and you need the right clothes and the perfect watch to have a chance with the ladies. The days of wearing a turtle neck are over, so are women done with metal watches. 

You need to make yourself look approachable, and you can do this by wearing bright and welcoming colors. The best outfit you can try for Friday night with friends is a white shirt with blue denim and The Notchy from Stunii’s wood wristwatches. Its black and brown combination will make your shirt look more appealing, and your blue denim will compliment your overall style. Moreover, bright colors like yellow, white, and blue make people seem fun and lively. Adding a wood watch to this theme will supplement a touch of sophistication and show that you have a serious side as well. 

6. Travelling Look 

Whether you’re traveling for either business or pleasure, one thing is common – wristwatches. Your look feels incomplete with empty wrists, and a wood wristwatch is like carrying nature with you. If you are traveling for business, you must be wearing a formal suit and tie. The Euphory can complete this look, and with its dazzling blue dial and zebra wood finish, you will give off a striking but social vibe. On the other hand, if you are going on a vacation, you can try The Flair. Its Zebra ebony wood is a perfect balance between black and yellowish-brown that looks great on casual outfits. Moreover, the watch is splash and rain-resistant, so you can hit the beach in your short, open shirt and The Flair on your wrist without worrying the water will damage it. 

Why Stuniii’s Wooden Watches

Stuniii has the best premium quality wood watches at affordable prices. You can customize your wood watch with your name and make it exclusive. Moreover, you will get a 30-day refund policy when you buy from Stuniii. Aside from pricing factors, Stuniii has a large collection of wooden watches to choose from.

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