Are Wristwatches Relevant in 2022? - STUNIII
The rate of technological advancements is staggering. A few years ago, there was no modeling concept beyond the fashion industry, but now Instagram models are getting equal or sometimes more pay than fashion industry superstars. Just like that, many things...
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Do Millennials Wear Wristwatches? - STUNIII
Whether we like it or not, we are a part of a demographic. Marketers segment their potential customers into demographics like parents, Millenials, etc. Out of several demographic segmentation, Millenials are the center of attention because they will run our...
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Different Types of Metal Watch Clasp - STUNIII
Ever wondered what type of clasp your watch has? Maybe you're just curious or looking to buy a new clasp; whatever the reason, it's something you should be familiar with. At least superficially, if you regularly wear your wristwatch. With...
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Analog Vs. Digital Watch - STUNIII
This debate has been going on since technology extended to wristwatches, and it's hard to choose between either one of the two options. This is because people wear wristwatches for a plethora of reasons, from fashion to simply telling time....
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